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Read about New/Changed Features:


Do you want to know what was introduced/changed in the most recent support package for SAP HANA dynamic tiering? Are you looking for information on a feature introduced in an earlier support package? The document What‘s New in SAP HANA Dynamic Tiering (Release Notes) helps you in either case.


What‘s New in SAP HANA Dynamic Tiering (Release Notes) is organized chronologically by support package. Information on the most recent support package is at the beginning of the document, followed by information on the previous support package, and so on.

Find the Central SAP Note for any Support Package:


The excellent blog post Finding Dynamic Tiering SAP Notes gives you many tips and tricks for locating dynamic tiering SAP Notes. The blog post also explains that each SAP HANA dynamic tiering support package has its own central SAP Note – a master note with links to all relevant SAP Notes.


Did you know you can find all central SAP Notes -- for all dynamic tiering support packages -- in the What’s New document?


  1. Navigate to the first page of the What’s New document.

  2. Click the Important SAP Notes link for the support package you’re interested in.