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SAP Fiori tools accelerates SAP Fiori elements app development by providing extensions for SAP Business Application Studio and Visual Studio Code that help developers work more efficiently to deliver enterprise-ready applications. The extensions streamline app generation, visualize page structure and OData services, inject code snippets, and provide simplified access to documentation.

If you’d like to see quick demos of these extensions in action, the SAP UX Engineering team has put together the Introducing SAP Fiori tools video series. Each entry in the series covers a different extension, with product owners walking you through the key functionality of their respective tools. The episodes, which are planned for weekly release on the SAP UX Engineering YouTube channel, are as follows:

Introducing SAP Fiori tools: Application Generator (now available)

SAP Fiori tools app generator

Ian Quigley demonstrates how to begin your application project, using the application generator extension to create a list report/object page SAP Fiori elements app. He walks through the entire wizard-based process, from selecting the page type and connecting the data service, through selecting the relevant entity and configuring the desired UI5 version. He concludes by demonstrating how to see a preview of your application to ensure things are running properly.

Introducing SAP Fiori tools: Service Modeler (now available)

SAP Fiori tools service modeler

Caroline Welsh walks through the available features in the service modeler, including visualizing the associations of your projections, collectively viewing your local and backend annotations, and accessing your annotation hierarchy. She concludes by demonstrating how to use the service modeler to modify an annotation to make changes to a table in a list report page.

Introducing SAP Fiori tools: XML Language Server (now available)

SAP Fiori tools XML language server

Mariana Naboka delivers three tips for accelerating annotation definition in the code editor using the XML language server extension. She shows how to use the built-in code completion with microsnippets, how to use the Peek Definition feature to view and update referenced annotations, and how to access your diagnostic messages and use quick fix actions to remedy issues in your code.

Introducing SAP Fiori tools: Guided Development (now available)

SAP Fiori tools guided development

Vandana Deep illustrates how to add functionality to your app using the guided development extension. She illustrates how to select the correct project, search for documentation on your desired functionality, and automatically apply the required code changes.

Introducing SAP Fiori tools: Application Modeler (now available)

SAP Fiori tools application modeler

Christoph Gollmick shows how to use the application modeler to define your application’s page structure, as well as how to make UI5 flexibility changes. He demonstrates how to add a new page to an application, as well as how to easily access .json files to provide additional functionality with the help of code completion.


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