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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Here's another increment of design guidelines that we have shipped in the course of the last half year. Also check out my blog listing the guidelines from the first half of 2020. We are constantly modeling and publishing new design guidelines that you can find in the documentation including sample integration flows on the SAP API Business Hub.

Besides new guidelines for existing categories/packages, we have added completely new packages for scripting, for the partner directory, and for basic capabilities when modeling integration flows.

Let me provide you with the list of new guidelines that we have shipped in the second half of 2020 and added to the already existing set of packages and integration flows, grouped by the respective category:

  • Learn the Basics (direct package link on SAP API Business Hub | docu link on SAP Help Portal)

    • Getting Started

    • Access headers and properties in message mapping

    • Access headers and properties in XSLT mapping

    • Access headers and properties in XPATH

    • Consume a Public HTTP Service with Query Parameters

    • Use the CSV to XML Converter

    • Use the XML to CSV Converter

    • Use the JSON to XML and XML to JSON Converter

    • Use the MIME Multipart Encoder and Decoder

    • Use the Base64 Encoder

    • Use the Base64 Decoder

    • Set the Mapping Context

    • Use the Persist Step

    • Store/Retrieve Messages in/from the Data Store

  • Use Scripting Appropriately (package link | docu link)

    • Access Secure Parameters in Scripts

    • Access Headers and Properties in Scripts

    • Create MPL Attachments in Scripts

    • Access Value Mappings in Scripts

    • Use Custom Header Properties to Search for Message Processing Logs

  • Use the Partner Directory Appropriately (package link | docu link)

    • First steps to create entities in the directory

    • Dynamically Address Receivers

    • Perform an XSLT Mapping

    • Use an Alternative Partner Id to Retrieve Partner Information

    • Read the Authorized User Parameter from the Partner Directory

    • Use the AS2 Adapter with Dynamic Encryption and Signature Verification

  • Apply Highest Security Standards (package link | docu link)

    • Use Secure Authentication Methods

    • Use Secure Protocols

    • Apply Message-Level Security

  • Handle Errors Gracefully (package link | docu link)

    • Handle Exceptions in Dependent Integration Flows

  • Run an Integration Flow Under Well-Defined Boundary Conditions (package link | docu link)

    • Optimize Integration Flow Design for Streaming

  • Keep Readability in Mind (package link | docu link)

    • Expose an Endpoint for a Scheduled Integration Flow

  • Use Prepackaged Integration Content Provided by SAP (docu only)

    • Subscribe Only a Single Tenant to SAP API Business Hub

For a complete overview of all guidelines shipped so far, check out the SAP Help Portal.

For most of the guidelines we have provided sample integration flows. In each package, you find a postman collection that facilitates you to test the integration scenarios on your own.

Stay tuned for more guidelines to come.