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In SAP help, the determination of language code / locale is explained.

For example, when I access CRM application "My Appointment" with English language specified in url:


The DatePicker looks like below:

When I try with Chinese:


What I woud like to know is how is "2015年10月15日" displayed.

Based on previous research on DatePicker, this task should be a little bit easier:

- DateFormat in DatePicker control

- More details of DatePicker

1. The place holders for Date display ( 年 - year, 月 - month, 日 - day ) for Chinese are stored in this.aFormatArray in DateFormat.js file.

2. this.aFormatArray is determined by this.oFormatOptions.pattern. For language = ZH, the patter is "y年M月d日".

3. In Chrome network tab, we can observe a http request for file zh_CN.son.

The callstack which triggers this file request:

If we inspect the content of this file, we can find the "y年M月d日" in attribute dateFormat-medium and dateFormat-long:

The content of this file is parsed and merged into this.mData, which will be used to populate aFormatArray mentioned above.

The complete url for zh_CN.json: