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Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi Community,

during this uncertain time, we are all facing challenges in our daily work but also private life. Nevertheless, with help of modern technology we can stay more connected than we thought.

Social Media is a big part in most of our daily life, and nowadays we get creative to find ways of communicating with other people. Not only social media alone but also different applications which can be used to host remote conferences, meetings, family gatherings or even parties are a great way to be physically isolated but not socially!

Our job as Developer Advocates is to keep in touch, to inform, educate and interact with our communities on a daily bases. Out of that reason I've decided to follow my colleagues in expanding my social media presence.To be totally honest, I didn't know if that type of interaction is going to be fun for me. After I joined on his great #HandsOnSAPDev livestream and joined for a casual Tech talk on his brand new Bluebeard’s Tech Talk, I realized that this is actually a ton of fun.

And now I have a brand new Youtube Channel too. Whoop! Whoop! ?


With my Youtube Channel I want to deliver information and ideas about different topics to you. Of course, as you know me, there will be quite some content about the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS, but also about Kubernetes and other interesting topics like Machine Learning or AR.

In the beginning I will have two different formats for you: Kevin's Coding Bites & Keep Coding with Kevin.

Kevin's Coding Bites

Kevin's Coding Bites is going to be... well simply short bite sized videos where I show you something cool in Swift, SAP iOS SDK, or any other thing I am currently working on or discovered. The idea is for you to enjoy this during a lunch break or on the bus, just at a point where you don't have a ton of time. The episodes range from 10 - 15 min and will be uploaded at least once a week, as long as I don't run out of topics **laughs**.

Keep Coding with Kevin

To deliver more complex topics to you, I will start to livestream at least once a month on my channel. In the beginning I will mainly focus on the iOS/Mobile topic but will have other technologies ready for you at a later point.

To Guest with...

I am not the only one from the SAP Development Advocates team who puts out great content! So naturally it happens that we host each other in videos, podcasts and live streams.

My latest guest attendance was at famous livestream and 's amazing new podcast.

Keep posted on that end to see us talk tech!

Social Media! Social Media everywhere!

I will always keep you posted about new content like Blog Posts, Youtube videos, tutorials and more.

You can follow me on any of these Social Media platforms:

Please remember everything I post on my profiles and channels are my views and opinions, these are not official SAP productions.

See you soon!

Thanks to SAP we're able to get creative and innovative in the way we do our work, that allows us to use all those different channels for engagement.

Stay home and let's catch up on my channel during a livestream ✌?.

As always, Keep Coding!