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Easy isn’t a word most people associate with travel these days. Between high costs, security hassles, and unpredictable schedules, passengers on trains, buses, and airplanes welcome relief wherever they can find it. This is why transportation giant Keolis has quietly revamped the company’s human resources (HR) processes with the SuccessFactors cloud-based solution suite. The company’s objective is to have the right employees in place to make travel a whole lot easier for the 2.5 billion passengers that rely on its on railways, buses, and transportation services each year.

With over 54,000 employees in 14 countries across four continents, recruiting the right people and being able to manage them effectively was a huge challenge for Keolis. The international scope of its operations, coupled with a historical reliance on paper-based processes, drove the company’s decision to implement SuccessFactors.

“We had a lot of talent in the company but we didn’t know where they were. The idea was to have all information accessible so you can quickly and efficiently have another viewpoint,” says Roland de Barbentane, Director of North-Eastern Region at Keolis.

By replacing paper-based processes—we’re talking about spreadsheets and binders—with a suite a SuccessFactors solutions, Keolis has gained real-time visibility into all of its workforce data. This means that recruiters can now track applications effectively, helping to improve the company’s brand image as an employer. Meantime, employees can easily find internal job openings and receive customized alerts on new opportunities. They can also manage their career paths and follow a much more streamlined performance review process. According to Isabelle Lerin-Basset, Director of Organizational Development and Mobility at Keolis, the quantified results have been solid.

“As we implemented SuccessFactors Performance & Goals, data entry related to performance reviews increased from 66 percent to 94 percent.”

With real-time access to information, it’s much easier for Koelis’ managers to track the entire performance review process. Perhaps most important, all of these efficiencies free up the HR team to focus on high-value tasks that directly support the business. Delivering strategic value is what everyone appreciates, including the company’s billions of passengers each year.

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