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Today, you’ll learn about three different sources of information to support your engagement with SAP BTP.

Step 1: Hear from the experts

The new video series SAP BTP Innobytes provides invaluable insights on SAP BTP innovations.

Subject matter experts such as product managers, and/or community leads give an overview of the innovations in a clear manner.

Every month SAP BTP Innobytes sparks interest in solutions by highlighting 3 topics in 3 minutes. In April, we highlighted the following solutions:

  • SAP Process Automation: no-code solution to automate your manual approvals. You’re invited to test the product with the Free Tier service plan available now.

  • Out-of the-box tooling in SAP Integration Suite: Our Integration Solution Advisory Methodology combined with SAP Integration Suite.

  • Multi-Zone high availability for SAP HANA Cloud

Watch the video for the details.

Step 2: Learn about the products

Are you new to the SAP BTP?

Your go-to place to get in-depth information on the products is the following:

If you have pressing questions, and/or wish to make use of a community as eager as you are, do not miss out on the fresh content on the SAP Community, visit now.

More info on the Process Automation & Integration Suite & SAP HANA.


Step 3: Explore the road map

You have just heard about the latest hits and top SAP BTP innovations in the SAP BTP Innobytes video. Now is a great time for you to dive into the road map of SAP BTP, its strategic directions and areas SAP is planning to invest in.

SAP Road Map Explorer shows you what is planned to be delivered from a product standpoint in the upcoming quarters. It is your single point of contact for all SAP road maps. Not to brag, but it is also an award-winning tool with almost 2 million page-hits! The tool covers the road maps of nearly all of SAP’s product portfolio.

Our customers love the tool for various reasons:

  • The tool lays out the overview of SAP’s product portfolio evolution in one place.

  • You can build your own road map by using advanced filter functionality.

  • You can save your road maps so you can come back to them easily.

  • You can download your road maps and share them with your colleagues.


For example, let’s take the integration roadmap:

  • Before going into technical detail, the SAP Road Map Explorer gives you the chance to first understand the overall strategies and chief road map priorities. (See Fig.1) Such priorities indicate the “big topics”, main themes, and new “solutions”.

  • In other words: it offers a 30-second explanation of our main investment areas.​

  • It also helps you gain a more holistic view of the Integration road map by offering additional details and timelines.

SAP Road Map Explorer helps you make informed decisions by providing both the strategic vision for different products across SAP’s portfolio and a fine granular view of the road maps. You and your colleagues can use the tool as a guide for your planning discussions.

Are you new to SAP Road Map Explorer and need more details on how to navigate the tool? Check out this blog post to use SAP Road Map Explorer in only five simple steps.

Follow the Topic Page of SAP Road Map Explorer for more information on SAP’s unique road map tool.