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As we did for the previous two SAP BTP Innobytes videos, in this blog post we will provide you with useful resources to keep up with the SAP Business Technology Platform innovations.

Step 1: Hear from the experts

If you haven’t heard yet, first let us introduce the coolest video series in town: the SAP BTP Innobytes. SAP BTP Innobytes is a monthly video series where product experts provide an overview of the latest BTP innovations in only 3 minutes!

Below are the June innovation highlights, make sure to check out the video to hear from the product experts and community leads.

  • AI Personalized Recommendation Service

  • SAP BW Bridge – Remote Conversion

  • Data Provider Integration for SAP Master Data Governance, cloud edition

Step 2: Learn about the products

If you are just discovering SAP BTP, we definitely recommend you to visit the official product page and check out the SAP BTP tutorial playlist where SAP’s Chief Technology Officer, Juergen Mueller speaks to experts in each episode.

To catch up with the latest developments and engage with other community members, visit the topic page of the Machine Learning on the SAP Community. On the SAP Community you can ask questions, help out other community members, and access fresh content as well as many other useful links.

Step 3: Explore the road map

You have got a glimpse of the top three BTP innovations in the June edition of the SAP BTP Innobytes video. What about the rest of the product road map?

If you have not read our previous blog posts, then you might not be familiar with SAP’s unique roadmap tool: the SAP Road Map Explorer. What is in it for you?

The SAP Road Map Explorer is an interactive tool that facilitates your digital transformation journey. The tool is the one-stop shop for all SAP road maps. It showcases the recent and future product features and it does so by offering you a personalized experience. The content on the tool is updated every day, just like you need for your journey to the Intelligent Enterprise.

Customers and partners can customize their road maps easily as the SAP Road Map Explorer allows you to filter by product, process, and industry. Depending on your needs, you can save a particular road map item (i.e. product feature) or the whole roadmap which you have created with the set of filters you choose.

Are you new to SAP Road Map Explorer and need more details on how to navigate the tool? Check out this blog post to use SAP Road Map Explorer in only five simple steps.


For example, let’s take a look at what the Artificial Intelligence road map looks like. In this high-level view, you can find out about the main themes and big topics.


Road Map Priorities indicate the strategic direction, and they aim to inform you of the areas SAP is investing in.

Road Map Details and Timelines shows you the detailed road map view (also known as Kanban board) where you can choose among many filters available and customize your road map.

Related Documents may include a variety of supporting documents such as a blog post, white paper, video, customer stories, etc.

Follow the Topic Page of SAP Road Map Explorer for more information on SAP’s unique road map tool.


Let us know if you have found the blog post useful and feel free to ask questions in the comment section.