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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Following "data bound" components are included in the SDK pack which is provided by me. The difference in those components to the others in blog Karol's SDK Components is, those here do not have manual scripts for filling in, but are using the data bounding of the SDK.

You can use them for free, inspire itself, discuss or even ask for some extensions...

New: Use the SCN Community Package

Going forward, we have combined both packages and opened a community for SDK development:

see the Mike's Blog: SCN Design Studio SDK Development Community

SUNSET of Karol's Components

The component below will be still available for those who have them already in use, nevertheless, if you do not have installed the package yet and you are interested in the components, use the SCN community package as described SCN Design Studio SDK Development Community

Sunset: Latest Installable Package via Online Repository:

Deprecated: Latest Installable Package (as ZIP) - currently not up to date:

See also the new created blog on the manual components, Karol's SDK Components

A component summary with links to all documents with details.

Top / Bottom Data Visualization Components

  • Data Drop Down Box

          Drop Down Box bound to Result Set

          Design Studio SDK: Data Bound Drop Down Box

  • Data Leader Board

          Component to visualize Top / Bottom Members with background colored value

          Design Studio SDK: Data Bound Leader Board (Top/Bottom Selection)

  • Data Slider

          Slider connected to Result Set

          Design Studio SDK: Data Bound Slider with Top / Pause Option

  • Data Range Slider

          Range Slider with Low and High Values bound to result set

          Design Studio SDK: Data Bound Range Slider

  • Data Top Flop

          Component to visualize Top / Flops Members with Avarage Calculation

        Design Studio SDK: Data Bound Top/Flop (Top/Bottom with Average)

  • Data Top Flop Chart

          Basic Chart for Visualization of Top / Flops

          Design Studio SDK: Data Bound Top/Flop Chart

Releases (link to always latest)


Those components require release 1.3 Support Package 1 (see Design Studio 1.3 Support Package 1 Released)

Installation (locally)

  • Open Design Studio
  • Go to menu "Tools"
  • Select "Install Extension to Design Studio"
  • recommended
  • also possible (manual ZIP)
    • Download the .ZIP file
    • Select "Archive..."
    • FInd the ZIP and start installation.

Upload to BIP Platform / NetWeaver Platform

Latest version (>= .21) is uploadable w/o issues.

Important: you have ALWAYS to install also the "Design Studio Common ZTL Constants and Objects" as there are some arrays defined which are used in other components. Other packages have dependency on this content.

I hope you will have good use of those components.