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Following components are included in the SDK pack which is provided by me.

You can use them for free, inspire itself, discuss or even ask for some extensions...

New: Use the SCN Community Package

Going forward, we have combined both packages and opened a community for SDK development:

see the Mike's Blog: SCN Design Studio SDK Development Community

SUNSET of Karol's Components

The component below will be still available for those who have them already in use, nevertheless, if you do not have installed the package yet and you are interested in the components, use the SCN community package as described SCN Design Studio SDK Development Community

Sunset: Latest Installable Package via Online Repository:

Deprecated: Latest Installable Package (as ZIP) - currently not up to date:

A component summary with links to all documents with details.

See also the new created blog on the data bound components, Karol's SDK Data Bound Components

NON-UI Utility

  • Array Util

          For beter work with Array

Design Studio SDK: Array Util Component

  • Collection Util

          For beter work with Collections (key, label, value) - supports sorting - in collaboration with mike.howles4

          Design Studio SDK: Collection Util Component

  • Custom CSS Collector

          A simple util component for dynamic work with CSS files (to overcome the issue with only one CSS file per app

          Design Studio SDK: Custom CSS Collector to dynamically attach more CSS files

  • Open Window (by) Post [Non UI]

          Small Component to Open New Window using POST method - it allows to use a lot of parameters

          Design Studio SDK: Opening Window with POST

  • Simple Date Object [Non UI]

          Date-based navigation (roll days, months) in BIAL script directly, format days to own formats.

          Design Studio SDK: Simple Date Object Component

UI Components

  • Accordion (with images)

          Accordion Menu with additional visualization options, eg images on entries and content load on first expand

        Design Studio SDK: (dynamic) Accordion Component

  • Application Header

          Basic wrapper on SAP UI5 Application Header

          Design Studio SDK: Application Header Component

  • Basic Business Card

          An interesting example how to create own content using Absolute Layout and some SAPUI5 componenents.

Design Studio SDK: Basic Business Card (a mix of self made SAP UI5 content)

  • Color Picker

          Basic wrapper on SAP UI5 Color Picker

          Design Studio SDK: Color Picker Component

  • Check Box Group

          Group of Checkboxes with optional image in the front

          Design Studio SDK: CheckBox Group (with Image) Component

  • Drag Drop Area

          Generic Component which can be used for eventing on Drop Actions.

          Design Studio SDK: Drag Drop Area Component

  • Fallback Picture

          Basically a picture with fallback in case server does not have the correct one.

          Design Studio SDK: Fallback Picture Component

  • Fish Eye

          Simple Selection Component (similar to Image Carousel). Visualization with some animation (resize of images)

          Design Studio SDK: Fish Eye Component

  • Image Carousel

          Simple Selection Component (like a drop down) with Image in addition. It supports "selection" event, which can be used for some other actions.

          Design Studio SDK: Image Carousel Component

  • KPI View

          Own Written KPI View (similar to KPI Tile) but with SAPUI5 rendering

          Design Studio SDK: Kpi View Component

  • Link

          Basic wrapper on SAP UI5 Link with "press" event

          Design Studio SDK: Link Component

  • Leader Board

          Component to visualize Top / Bottom Members with background colored value

          Design Studio SDK: Leader Board Component

  • Map (Open Street Map)

          Implementation of a Map Control with Open Street API

          Design Studio SDK: A (first) try to get an Open Street Map into Design Studio

  • Menu Bar (1.4+)

          Menu Bar as in SAPUI5 library

          Design Studio SDK: Menu Bar (1.4+)

  • Menu Button (1.4+)

          Menu Button as in SAPUI5 library

          Design Studio SDK: Menu Button (1.4+)

  • Notification Bar

          Different style of positing notifications (messages) to end users. Reuse of the SAPUI5 proposed "NotificationBar" (demo link) as Design Studio component.

          Design Studio SDK: NotificationBar Component

  • Paginator

          Basic wrapper on SAP UI5 Paginator

          Design Studio SDK: Paginator Component

  • Progress Indicator

          Basic wrapper on SAP UI5 Progress Indicator

          Design Studio SDK: Progress Indicator Component

  • Rating Indicator

          Basic wrapper on SAP UI5 Rating Indicator

          Design Studio SDK: Rating Indicator Component

  • Range Slider

          Basic wrapper on SAP UI5 Range Slider (Slider with 2 values)

Design Studio SDK: Range Slider Component

  • (single) Slider

          Basic wrapper on SAP UI5 Slider

          Design Studio SDK: Slider Component

  • Text Area

          Input text area with multiline support

          Design Studio SDK: Text Area (input) Component

  • Tree

          Tree Component for Manual Tree building (with parent-child relations)

          Design Studio SDK: Tree Component

  • Toggle Button

          Basic wrapper on SAP UI5 toggle button

          Design Studio SDK: Toggle Button Component

Releases (link to always latest)


     Those components require release 1.3 Support Package 1 (see Design Studio 1.3 Support Package 1 Released)

Installation (locally)

  • Open Design Studio
  • Download the .ZIP file
  • Go to menu "Tools"
  • Select "Install Extension to Design Studio"
  • Select "Archive..."
  • FInd the ZIP and start installation.

Upload to BIP Platform / NetWeaver Platform

I have uploaded corrected version which can be uploaded to the platform.

Release Fix for "Upload to BIP Issue" (unpack flag) + Tree Component (preview) · K...

Important: you have ALWAYS to install also the "Design Studio Common ZTL Constants and Objects" as there are some arrays defined which are used in other components. Other packages have dependency on this content.

I hope you will have good use of those components.