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A while back I published a post announcing the Kapsel Kitchen Sink (KKS) application. The KKS is a web application I wrote that illustrates how to use all of the Kapsel APIs in a Kapsel application. I wanted to let you know that it’s been published as a free, sample application in the SAP Store at

The application package includes:

  • The web application content, ready to be copied into a Kapsel project
  • A user guide that shows you how to use this thing
  • A script file for both Windows and OS X that will create a KKS project for you (using the provided source and the Kapsel plugins).
  • Script files for both Windows and OS X that can be used to publish the project to an SMP server

The purpose of the application is to highlight all of the APIs and show you how they work. A developer would build a KKS project, deploy it to a device and use it to exercise each of the Kapsel APIs. For each API, the application describes what the API does, shows how to call the API from your own Kapsel applications then displays the results of the API call. With that knowledge, you can then open the source code and see exactly how I implemented it all.

As you look through the code you may notice a few things.

First of all, the application was written using jQuery Mobile. This happened for two reasons (possibly three): I knew jQuery Mobile better than I knew UI5, UI5 was closed source at the time (now it isn’t) and it allowed me to show you that you can easily use non-SAP technologies in a Kapsel application (many people, for some bizarre reason, think you can only use SAP stuff with SMP).

Secondly, I wrote it to teach you how to use the Kapsel APIs. There’s all sorts of things I could have done to make the code smaller, faster, tighter. I didn’t do that. If I had, you’d have spent extra brain cycles trying to decipher what I’d done instead of simply being able to easily see the flows for the APIs. I avoided anonymous functions, nested functions and all sorts of cool JavaScript stuff so that I could allow you to quickly and easily see what was happening. Sorry – I don’t want to hear from you how much better I could have written the app. 

It’s cool stuff and it was a lot of fun to write. Doing so taught me everything I needed to know about the Kapsel APIs. By creating it though, I’m hoping to help accelerate the process for you.