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Building on our long-time relationship with Esri, SAP HANA spatial services (HSS) now supports Esri as a new service provider under the bring your own license commercial model. Any customer with a valid Esri ArcGIS platform license key, now can access Esri location data via HSS.

Location-based data, in general, refers to details about objects, elements, or points that are present in a given geographic space. Spatially enhanced data truly equips companies with a new insight into the business. In the field of supply chain management, a business user makes more informed decisions by adding location knowledge to sourcing, production, and shipping processes. As another use case, brick-and-mortar stores can use geolocation data to determine the best placement for a storefront considering factors such as weather patterns, traffic density, and proximity to competition.

At every point of engagement across a business process, users make more informed decisions with access to both geographical intelligence and traditional business data.

SAP HANA spatial services is a collection of cloud-based services that provide access to various georeferenced data sets. The APIs are standard across all providers ensuring the ability to switch providers by only changing parameters. The results returned by the APIs contain rich geospatial information for use by builders, data analysts, and end-users.

SAP HANA spatial services: Overview


With Esri now integrated as a provider within the SAP HANA spatial services APIs, clients can now use Esri geolocation services by entering their own Esri license key in the API JSON body parameters.  Below is a quick overview on the HSS APIs:

  • Mapping API - Visualize vector map tiles with predefined styles as a base map layer in a GIS system or an application. These map tiles can be used as a background map for the visualization of georeferenced data.

  • Routing API - Calculate traffic-aware vehicle routing between source, destination, and optional intermediate locations as well as return route information such as duration, length, and GeoJSON representations for each route leg.

  • Geocoding API – Enhance one or more addresses with associated geographical data returned in the form of a GeoJSON feature containing the best-fitting position, relevance, and address information.

Get started today with SAP HANA spatial services by starting with the Prerequisites in the SAP HANA spatial services reference guide. For a thorough explanation of each of the aforementioned APIs as well as information on other available providers, please refer to this help portal document.

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Learn about SAP HANA spatial services

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