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We are very glad to announce that SAP has released the latest Service Packs (SP) for Duet Enterprise 1.0 FP1 and SAP NetWeaver Gateway 2.0.

What’s new:

1. ODATA Development Channel Support

Duet Enterprise is now offering the option to leverage the popular OData Development Channel, ODC,  for applications running on Duet Enterprise Feature Pack 1 Service Pack 03 and SharePoint 2010.

2. Enhanced and New Generator Tools for Developers

Developers will benefit from enhanced and new generator tools included in a new “Service Builder” and will also be able to develop their solutions in the backend system itself.

• Generic channel development will still work and is still supported going forward (SOAP is also supported in Duet Enterprise 2.0 / SharePoint 2013)

• In parallel new developments can happen via ODC and be used via the new OData SOAP Bridge in Duet Enterprise 1.0 / SharePoint 2010

• ODC also allows development in the backend system which can provide more flexibility for custom developed solutions

• ODC development / generation is continuously being enhanced by SAP NetWeaver Gateway and Duet Enterprise benefits from that

• Using ODC + SOAP Bridge development allows a simpler migration from Duet Enterprise 1.0 / SharePoint 2010 to Duet Enterprise 2.0 / SharePoint 2013

Please download these new components from