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Dear SAP Community,

We recently released the computer vision package which provides a fast and easy way to build computer vision use cases on top of SAP AI Core. The package provides support for a variety of computer vision use cases and enables you to seamlessly train and serve them on SAP AI Core.

If you are puzzled and ask yourself “What’s SAP AI Core?”, check out our recent blog post that answers all your questions and shows you how to get started.

The computer vision package delivers a reusable, state-of-the-art solution for computer vision use cases on SAP AI Core. Under the hood, it uses Facebook’s powerful Detectron2 library for detection and segmentation use cases and extends it with image classification and feature extraction so that, in principle, you can use this library standalone without SAP AI Core. For an even faster development of computer vision use cases, the package offers training and evaluation methods as well as a large set of augmentation functions.

You reap the big benefits of the package when you run your use case on SAP AI Core. Using the package, you can create training and serving pipelines with a single command and run them on SAP AI Core. For instance, in our new tutorials, you create an object detection use case to read the numbers from electricity meters and run the use case on SAP AI Core. Go check it out!

Under the hood, the computer vision package works with the SAP AI Core SDK and our Metaflow library for SAP AI Core to integrate with SAP AI Core seamlessly. The SDK provides convenient methods to manage your scenarios and workflows in SAP AI Core, while our Metaflow library transforms Metaflow pipelines to SAP AI Core-compatible Argo workflows. You can learn more here. It’s truly amazing how our various libraries and tools come together to provide a seamless experience!

In summary, the computer vision package enables you to easily create different computer vision use cases and to train and serve them on SAP AI Core. With the package, you can reduce your development time for computer vision use cases on SAP AI Core from several days to just a couple of hours!

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