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The previous blog of the series about the new SAP Fiori application Process Sales Orders was about extensibility and custom fields. Now we focus on how to use these custom fields in approval workflows. In the video below you’re going to see Mark, an internal sales representative, creating a sales order and thus triggering an approval workflow for his manager Anne to approve the sales order.

Previously, Julia, as the key user, set up the system according to the business requirements of her company.  She created a header field for customer ratings and an indicator on item level for products that are on sale and used the Custom Fields app to customize the new SAP Fiori application Process Sales Orders. The then automatically available for her to be used in the Business Add-In (BAdI) implementation for the workflow. Now, every time an internal sales representative changes the customer rating, an approval workflow is being triggered which needs to be approved by the sales manager.

Once the customer rating is changed from gold to platinum and the additional discount is granted by Mark, the creation of the sales orders triggers an approval workflow.

Anne, the sales manager, then receives an email directing her to the My Inbox app to process the workflow task.

In the workflow task, Anne sees all the information she needs to make her decision.

SAP S/4HANA Cloud allows businesses the flexibility to meet their requirements and have custom fields influence various business processes, including approval workflows.

Read more about the user experience and features of the SAP Fiori Process Sales Order app and SAP Fiori in the overview blog of this series.

This concludes the first season of our video series. But we are not done yet. As the development team continues to work on the SAP Fiori Process Sales Order app you can expect more videos to be released in this channel in early 2022. Keep watching!