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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

The SAP Fiori application Create Sales Orders is the new face of SAP S/4HANA order management. With this app, the classic VA01 SAP GUI transaction transitions to an SAP Fiori application for an intuitive user experience. Complexity has been reduced without any compromises in transactional business requirements. Additionally, the app offers in-app analytical features leveraging S/4HANA and personalization features for end-users.

Watch in the video below how the Create Sales Orders app ensures effectiveness and efficiency. Dave’s daily task as an internal sales representative is to ensure customers’ buying orders are processed correctly and on time.

Efficient and Delightful Work

The simple and intuitive user interface significantly minimizes training costs and enables higher throughput for sellers. Transparency of features and visible functionalities provide a good overview.

To boost efficiency, power users will love the app’s keyboard navigation, for example to enter their new product and service items and specifying their details around pricing, customer data, or terms and conditions more efficiently.

Heart of the intuitive user interface is the clear structure of the sales order in header and items. Via the extensible header area of the sales order, customers can add or remove KPIs according to their needs. Context relevant data, for example credit limit and net sales volume, can objectively support decisions in sales processes.

Context-relevant data is visible at first glance in the header. The user can immediately see that the check of the credit limit utilization is in the green and thus positive.

The embedded graphical process flow provides easy to understand latest processing status, the most important status and dates, or indicates fulfillment issues. Semantic colors visualize the state of data: Users can detect critical situations or get informed that everything is on track right from the start. Critical states are displayed in Red, green highlights positive states.

The embedded graphical process flow displays all of the steps and their status.

Full Integration and Great Extensibility

Create Sales Orders is fully integrated into other sales order related applications and provides an easy navigation to other related apps like Credit ExposureSales Volume Analysis and Track Sales Order if the necessary authorization is given for the target apps. The responsive and adaptive design allows the app to also run on tablets.

The app is the first transactional app built using the new SAP Fiori programming model (ABAP Restful Programming model (RAP)) with SAP Fiori elements and OData V4. In this way, metadata-driven UI changes or evolutions are possible without any or very few application efforts. Consequently, the cost of development is being reduced drastically. Also, this approach enables modification-free customer enhancements: Customer and SAP owned fields can flexibly be placed on the screen.

Finally, Create Sales Orders’ features cater to multiple industries and countries in terms of localization. Thus, the existing application code can be leveraged with a focused re-engineering on cloud-relevant areas. This comes along with another great advantage: Thorough testing is not required anymore at all customer installations.

In the upcoming months, we will share further videos showing specific capabilities — stay tuned!

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