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Product and Topic Expert

This quiz contest is closed and further submissions are not possible anymore. Thanks to all, who contributed.


50 years ago five entrepreneurs in Germany (Dietmar Hopp, Hasso Plattner, Hans-Werner Hector, Klaus Tschira, and Claus Wellenreuther) had a vision for the business potential of technology and developed the idea of real-time computing. They would become the founders of SAP.

In this SAP Community contest/quiz, I will focus on a certain product history, which is also a part of SAP’s overall history and comprises a time span of about 20 years - from today back to 2001. I will ask you questions about the well established on-premise product SAP Enterprise Portal, which was (or still is...) the web front-end component for SAP NetWeaver. This on-premise portal solution offers a single point of access to SAP and non-SAP information sources, enterprise applications, information repositories, databases and services. It has a broad customer base and is still in mainstream maintenance to the end of 2027 (as part of SAP NetWeaver 7.5) with extended maintenance to 2030.

This quiz also covers our latest products and services that we offer on SAP Business Technology Platform, which also represent a concept of a single entry point (similar to "Portal"), plus further capabilities: SAP Work Zone and SAP Launchpad service.

Follow me in this journey and show me that you are an SAP Portal expert and also familiar with our latest product portfolio!

How can you participate?

Follow these rules of participation:

  1. Make sure your SAP community profile is set public.

  2. Go to our SAP Portal & Digital Experience Community Topic Page and click on “Follow”. Follow the tags “SAP Launchpad service”, “SAP Work Zone”, “SAP Enterprise Portal” and “SAP Cloud Portal Service”.

  3. Copy the questions from below and email them with the answers to our email inbox

  4. Make sure the subject line of you email says “Submission for SAP Portal Trivia Summer Quiz”.

  5. Answer all the questions below by putting a [+] in front of the correct answer. You can put multiple [+] when more than one answer is correct.

  6. Add also your SAP Community profile link to your submission email.

  7. Submission deadline was extended to: September 30, 2022.

  8. After having submitted your answers, add a comment to this blog post and inform us, that you submitted the answers via email.

  9. We would be pleased if you could add existing “historical” material you have available, regarding SAP Portal products (screenshots, slides, images from events such as SAP TechEd, SAPPHIRE etc.). This is not a prerequisite for winning the contest!

  10. The winners will be announced in another blog post, which they will be tagged in. You will receive a notification via the tag, so make sure to not miss out. #communications (SAP Community profile -> account & settings -> activate “Content I was mentioned in”).

Note that internal SAP employees are not allowed to participate, you find more information in the legal section at the end of this blog.

The Prize

Apart from getting the reputation of winning the quiz (which is announced in a blog), the winners of this contest will get a limited edition premium hoodie from SAP featuring low-code/no-code. A part of the low-code/no-code unified delivery is also the area of “digital experience services” with SAP Work Zone and SAP Launchpad service. They present the services on SAP BTP which help to drive employee productivity and make newly built apps available to everyone in the company on any device.

We already offered these hoodies as the prize in our last winter holiday Community contest and there was a big demand for those hoodies, now you have another chance to win this clothing for you:


The Questions

Please note: in most questions only one answer is correct! There are only 2 exceptions: questions 9 and 14 with multiple possible answers.

The SAP Portal or SAP Enterprise Portal journey started in 2001. But there was already a pre-Portal area: In 1999 SAP co-CEO Hasso Plattner (at this time) announced a new strategy that completely realigned the company and its product portfolio:, the strategy combined e-commerce solutions with SAP’s ERP applications on cutting-edge Web technology. According to this strategy SAP also implemented a predecessor product for SAP Enterprise Portal.

1. Which SAP product was the predecessor of SAP Enterprise Portal ?

  • Workplace

  • Work Zone

  • Enjoy SAP

  • MiniApps Central

As the next big step in this journey SAP bought a company, which was already focused on Portal software and already a market leader in this domain - with the intention to add enterprise portals to SAP’s solution portfolio.

2. Which company did SAP buy in 2001 for 400 million dollars, which later would become an SAP subsidiary and would mainly contribute to the development of the SAP Enterprise Portal solution?

  • Business Objects

  • Signavio

  • Top Tier

  • Hybris

3. Who was the owner of this company that SAP bought? This person was also member of the SAP board from 2002-2007?

  • John Schwarz

  • Shai Agassi

  • Lars Dalgaard

For a short time, SAP founded an separate company dedicated to Enterprise Portal development only, called “SAP Portals”. In 2002 this company was reintegrated into SAP AG.

Here an image of a Portal system of this time showing the Portal Content Studio admin environment:

What happened in those times: the dot-com bubble bursted. But customer confidence in SAP’s solutions remains strong. What began in the “new economy” as and evolved to mySAP technology reaches a new pinnacle in 2003. A new technology platform enabled SAP to offer fast, open, and flexible business applications that support end-to-end business processes – on SAP and non-SAP systems. SAP Enterprise Portal became also an integral part of this new technology platform. There were also other products available on this platform such as SAP Business Warehouse or SAP Process Automation (on-premise).

4. What was the name of this new SAP technology platform?

  • SAP NetWeaver Platform

  • ABAP Platform

  • SAP Cloud Platform

At this time (around 2005) SAP Community was also based on SAP Enterprise Portal technology, as you can see on this historical image:

5. What was the official name of SAP Community around this time?

  • SAP Community Network

  • SAP for All

  • SAP for Developers

In 2010 it was SAP’s strategy to invest in new technologies – in-memory, mobile, and cloud computing. SAP became a platform provider. In 2011 SAP acquired SuccessFactors, the leading provider of cloud applications. In 2012 a first lean, flexible Portal PaaS solution was available. The image below shows a city Portal example implemented on this technology:

6. What was the name of this first lean, flexible Portal PaaS solution (the official brand name)?

  • SAP HANA Cloud Portal

  • SAP Enterprise Cloud Portal

  • SAP Portal in the Cloud

Around 2014 SAP started modernizing the user experience and introduced a new consistent design principle for all SAP products. Also for SAP Portal on-premise and cloud this new design was adopted. This image shows an SAP EP system in this new design paradigm (from about 2015):


7. What is the name of this new design which is also today part of every SAP product?

  • SAP Leonardo

  • SAP Fiori

  • SAP DesignX

  • SAP EasyDesign

8. Let us go back to SAP NetWeaver platform. What was the last released SAP NetWeaver version, which will be supported in mainstream maintenance until 2027:

  • SAP NetWeaver 7.3

  • SAP NetWeaver 7.4

  • SAP NetWeaver 7.5

  • SAP NetWeaver 7.7

At SAPPHIRE NOW 2018, SAP rolled out its vision for the Intelligent Enterprise. It combines an integrated suite of applications that covers the most important business functions with deep data integration across the suite, facilitated by the SAP Cloud Platform and SAP HANA data management solutions.

In 2018 the Portal version in the cloud - named SAP Cloud Platform Portal - was a service on SAP Cloud Platform (Neo environment), see here also an image of a Corporate Portal example from one of our internal demo systems:

9. What Portal experiences were offered by this product (multiple answers are correct)?

  • Launchpad experience

  • Freestyle experiences

  • A hybrid experience (launchpad and freestyle)

In 2021 SAP Cloud Platform was rebranded to "SAP Business Technology Platform". As a consequence SAP Cloud Platform Portal was renamed to SAP Cloud Portal Service, which is available on Neo and Multi-Cloud environment.

Times goes by very quickly, and there is already a new generation of products/services available on SAP BTP, which represent our latest product portfolio: SAP Launchpad service and SAP Work Zone.

SAP Launchpad service provides employees, customers, and partners a centralized access to relevant business applications, processes and information on any device. SAP Work Zone also offers an application-centric launchpad experience with an extended feature-set such as empowering business users with easy-to-use self-services for content creation and page building, blending business data and unstructured content. You will also get a modern “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) page editor with a grid-based layout and a selection of pre-built widgets and custom cards to create modern workspaces, or “home” pages, for different personas and use cases.

This image shows an example of a SAP Work Zone homepage:

10. What is the name of the service on SAP BTP which empowers users to get their job done quickly and efficiently by providing intuitive, central access to relevant applications and services?

  • SAP Launchpad service

  • Identity Provisioning

  • SAP Task Center

  • SAP Intelligent RPA

11. On which environment is SAP Launchpad service available?

  • on Neo environment only

  • on Multi-Cloud environment only

  • on both environments

12. What is the name of the service on SAP BTP which also provides a central access to relevant applications and services, and also offers additional features such as easy-to-use self-services for content creation and page building, blending business data and unstructured content?

  • Business Application Studio

  • SAP Work Zone

  • SAP Conversational AI

  • SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

13. Does SAP Work Zone also contain an embedded central launchpad showing all business applications to which a user has access?

  • Yes

  • No

14. Which types of workspaces are available within SAP Work Zone (multiple answers are correct)?

  • Private

  • Hidden

  • External

  • Hybrid

  • Public

15. Which is a solution available through SAP SuccessFactors and offers a prepackaged experience specifically to address the needs of HR organizations?

  • SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone

  • SAP SuccessFactors Launchpad

  • SAP SuccessFactors Portal

  • SAP SuccessFactors Central Entry Point


(*) Terms and Conditions

  1. Challenge definition

  2. Prize draw entry period details

  3. Eligibility Criteria

  4. Contest Rules

  5. Selection and Notification of Winner

  6. Hoodie Prize and Corresponding Approximate Retail value

  7. Consent and Release

  8. Personal information and privacy

  9. Condition to acceptance

1. Challenge definition

The SAP Portal Trivial Quiz is an online quiz challenge taking place in SAP Community ( where the announcement of the quiz as well as the winner selection is being published as a blog post in SAP Community. Valid submissions need to be sent via e-mail as described in this announcement where every interested individual SAP Community member can participate in answering the given multiple-choice questions. The multiple-choice questions either have several answer possibilities or they are true-or-false questions. Some of these questions can have several right answers – when this is the case, this is also indicated in the question. Participation in the Challenge is subject to these Terms and Conditions. The winners of this challenge will be receiving a customized Hoodie.
The Promoters of this challenge: SAP BTP Application Plane: Product Enablement and Communications team.

2. Prize draw entry period details

Eligible individuals may participate in the SAP Portal Trivia Summer Quiz from July 11, 2022 to September 30, 2022 at 12:00 PM Central European Time.

3. Eligibility Criteria

Entrants must (i) be eighteen (18) years or older; (ii) be a registered and active member of the SAP Community ( (iii) you are prohibited from participating in this Challenge if you are located in a country embargoed by the United States or if you are on the U.S. treasury department’s list of specially designated nationals.  (iv) SAP reserves the right to verify eligibility and to adjudicate on any dispute at any time. The Challenge is subject to all federal, state, and local laws and is void where prohibited.  Participants in the Challenge agree to be bound by these Official Rules and the decisions of the Sponsor. Employees of SAP  or any of its affiliated companies (such as but not limited to SAP SE, SAP Labs, Inc., etc.), and family members of any of the above (parent, children, siblings, regardless of where they reside) and any person in any way affiliated with or related to government entities, government officials or any other person or entity in the public sector are ineligible.

4. Contest Rules – submission requirements

Quiz answers must:

  • be submitted by an individual authentic account

  • be submitted via email to (copy and paste the questions from this blog)

Only ene entry per person is allowed.

5. Selection and Notification of Winner

One can win this challenge by achieving 13 of 15 correct answers of the quiz challenge. Winners will be featured and linked in one future blog post.

6. Hoodie Prize and Corresponding Approximate Retail value (ARV)

One (1) 20-euro Hoodie for each prize. Prize is not redeemable for cash or transferable; prize may not be sold or transferred for commercial use. No substitution allowed except that Promoter may, at its sole discretion, substitute a prize with another of equal or greater value.  All taxes are solely the responsibility of the winner. Number of winners is subject to prize availability.

7. Consent and Release

This Prize Draw shall be governed by and interpreted under the laws of Germany without regard to its conflicts of laws provisions. Any and all disputes, claims, and causes of action arising out of or in connection with this Prize Draw, shall be resolved individually, without resort to any form of class action. Any claims, judgments and/or awards shall be limited to actual out-of-pocket costs associated with entering this prize draw. Participant hereby waives any rights or claims to legal fees, indirect, special, punitive, incidental or consequential damages of participant, whether foreseeable or not and whether based on negligence or otherwise.

8. Personal information and privacy

By participating in the Challenge, Participant consents to the collection, use and disclosure of Participant’s personal information as described here.

9. Condition to acceptance

This offer is extended to you under the condition that your acceptance does not violate the any applicable laws or policies within your organization. If you are unsure that your acceptance will violate any such laws or policies, we strongly advice you to seek advice from your ethics or compliance officials. For organizations that are unable to accept all or a portion of this complimentary offer and would like to pay for their own expenses, upon request, SAP will provide a reasonable market value and invoice or another suitable payment process.