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Recently during a webinar, as I presented the units of resources packaged with each unit of license of SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Messaging (very concisely described here), one of the participants asked if there is a tool that can automatically do the math for him.

Well, I am very happy to present the JMS calculator that allows you to enter the number of queues and it calculates:

  • Number of SKUs of Enterprise Messaging that you will need to buy

  • Total usable space to store data per month

  • Total consumable data volume per month

  • Maximum message volume that can be consumed by any 1 queue

  • Number of consumable transactions at any given time

  • Number of Producer or Consumer

It gives you all the necessary information to keep in mind while you try to utilize or calculate the total utilizable resources.

You will also find details about other static resources that do not change when additional queues are added to the sub-account:

  • Header and Exchange property per JMS write

  • Number of writes per transaction

It provides insights into the queue requirement for JMS monitoring, especially highlighting what resources allocated to the monitoring queue are shareable with other queues at runtime and which not.

At runtime, the Queue Monitor helps you keep a track of your usage, especially highlighting when you are nearing exhaustion of a resource. For more details, read this blog.

You can also automate the resource consumption notification. More details here.

Download the JMS Calculator here.

Note: This calculation is only true for SAP Cloud Platform Integration on Neo.

Additional information:

SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Messaging as À-la-carte is available under SKU number 8005999.

SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Messaging is also bundled under the Enterprise Edition of SAP Cloud Platform Integration under SKU number 8005996.
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