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1. General Information

You want to maintain your own note texts for the widgets to create incident, problem messages and service requests.


2. Configuration Steps


2.1 Note Implementation

Implement Note 1793513 before doing the configuration.

2.2 Create General Text for Widgets

Perform below activity (or call transaction SE61) and create a text document of type General Text, in the original language.




Maintain the note texts for problem messages and service requests in separate documents.

2.3  Maintain the table AGS_WORK_CUSTOM

Maintain the table AGS_WORK_CUSTOM in transaction SM30, as follows:

For the widget to create problem messages, enter the parameter IM_REQU_TEXT_CR_INC in the column Name, and the name of the document in the column Value.

For the widget to create service requests, enter the parameter IM_REQU_TEXT_CR_SRQ in the column Name, and the name of the document in the column Value.


2.4  Result


3. Reference Information

  Note 1823289 - How to maintain own texts for the widgets in SOLMANREQU business role in CRM UI?

  Note 1793513 - Formatting for SE61 text missing in creation widgets

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