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Product and Topic Expert

ITIS INLOG:  A SAP HANA Based Logistics Software Solution

About the partner: ITIS

International Transport Information Systems Limited (ITIS) is a logistics software solution provider established in 1991, and it provides devised logistics solutions for air freight, ocean freight, road freight, cargo freight, third-party logistics warehousing, distribution centers, financial accounting, purchase order tracking for total visibility, and logistics domain B.I. solutions. The company has been accredited with CMMI Level 3 international quality standard, Certificate of Merit in Technology Achievement from HKITCC, Software Quality Assurance Certification from HKPC, HONGKONG ICT Awards-Best Business Product Award 2012, Asia Pacific ICT Awards – eLogistics and Supply Chains, China Outstanding Software product Awards in 2012, 2013 and 2014.


ITIS INLOG Freight Management System suite is java based and developed for the global freight industry to increase productivity, total visibility and to enhance overall management and monitoring efficiency by deploying in memory database HANA.  With INLOG, international freight forwarders/agents can benefit from a unified, connected platform that multiple site offices can enjoy data sharing and workflow streamlining. This solution can be run on top of SAP HANA after a successful co-innovation project, which is a joint effort between SAP COIL and ITIS.

Quote from General Manager of Yamato International Logistics (HK) Ltd., INLOG customer

Result from the successful implementation:

  • Improve information/data accuracy up to 100%
  • Overtime charges cut by about 70%
  • Produce just-in-time consolidation of multi-company accounting books to fulfill HQ requirement

Quote from China Aviation Express (HK) Ltd., INLOG customer

Result from successful implementation:

  • Improve operational and managerial efficiency.
  • Improve data accuracy to closely 100%.
  • Provide real time and accurate information for management, operation, sales, marketing and finance.

ITIS INLOG Introduction

Cash Flow

  • Global customer credit control
  • Global customer quotation
  • Global margin control
  • Global customer statement and settlement
  • Inter-site billing and settlement
  • Clearance center handling
  • Vendor tariff management
  • IFRS compliance reporting

Data Flow

  • Data sharing between sites 
  • Inter-site data integration
  • 3rd party data integration                                                                                 
  • Official authority data integration            
  • e-Document dispatch                                                                                  

Cargo Flow

  • Shipment track and trace
  • Load planning
  • Warehouse operation


  • Global margin control
  • Master Job control to manage shipment across multiple site offices.
  • Workflow control to validate key documents and procedures are complete.
  • SOX and J-SOX compliance track, trace and control.
  • Advance validation, such as equipment capacity validation, check digit validation.

Operations => Facilitate global operation, reduce cost and enhance Customer Satisfaction

INLOG reduces errors, workload and cost in daily operation with the best practice of logistics industry. INLOG also improves customer satisfaction through quick response to inquiries from customers.

Operational Efficiency and Automation Function:

INLOG provides automation function which allows users to generate and send out required documents (e.g. S/I, B/L, Invoice) by single click. It also minimizes key strokes by search function that pops up regarding data when users make data entry.

Alert Function to reduce data entry errors:

INLOG alerts users when data entry does not match with preset requirement (e.g. number of digit for BL) to reduce human errors.

Meet industry standard:

INLOG Supports industry-standard business processes and documentation associated with the regulation.  INLOG will also be quickly adjusted to new regulations.

Control => Enhance Risk Management and Compliance

Control function improves risk management and compliance.

Workflow Management:

INLOG workflow management improves efficiency and visualizes progress of operation.

Access Right Management:

Access right management function allows operators to access necessary information and blocks unauthorized access. INLOG helps users to follow internal and external rules to improve information security and reduce mistakes.

Business intelligence => Support decision making from 100% data accuracy

Daily searching and Reporting function on HANA database supports operations and management to make timely decision based on real-time information on consolidation of data from global sites.

Profit and Loss Report Function:

INLOG job function generates profit and loss register by cost allocation and profit sharing.  Master job function generates profit and loss register from multi-leg shipments.

Multi-site Real-time Reporting Function:

INLOG consolidates multi-site information to generate real-time daily reports and statistics.  Predictions and yearly trends can be performed through big data analysis on HANA.

How does INLOG leverage SAP HANA capabilities?

With the help of SAP HANA, INLOG can get successful global data consolidation:

Supply Chain and Logistics data segment over the globe

  • Manufacturing – production schedule
  • Trading- purchase order, commercial invoice, cargo inspection
  • Shipping – shipment planning, shipment order, shipment status, customs clearance, inventory, delivery, billing, costing

  Following advantages can be achieved by building our solution on top of HANA.

  • Improves reporting performance - generates interactive reports in seconds, no delays, no waiting
  • Accelerates business analytics  - Accesses real-time business insights for faster, smarter decision making

  Comparing the Oracle database, by using SAP HANA, the performance test result shows:

  • 4.57 data compression rate can be achieved: Test data set takes 32 GB in Oracle while the same amount of data only takes 7 GB in HANA.
  • Bulk update on 10K customer records takes 15 minutes on Oracle, while it takes only 2 minutes on SAP HANA
  • Query on tables with 800K records with 1.6K results takes 1.2 seconds in Oracle, while it takes only 0.4 seconds on SAP HANA


ITIS INLOG Demo on YouTube