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Hello everybody

I would like to let everyone aware of a problem which is being reported by many customers involving the UWL, and which starts happening after installing the fix from the following note:

2045277 - Missing task in UWL after it has been forwarded between two users

The symptom after installing this note might be one of the following:


1. The number of tasks displayed in the "Tasks" tab is incorrect and it is changed after refresh.

2. Scrolling the table might lead to missing tasks.

3. The task subject link sometimes opens a different task.


Other possible symptoms (related to the above ones, but using different wording):

4. UWL items are not refreshing properly

5. UWL items are added one by one to the UWL Item count in the UWL Navigation tab

6. Each refresh adds one UWL work item to the list


When capturing the traces, you can see the correct number of tasks being pulled, but still in the UWL an incorrect number is displayed within the selected tab. Like in the example, all the 726 items were returned:


Finished getItems for Connector <WebFlowConnector> and system <SAP_SRM> and UWL user <USER.CORP.user> total items returned: 726


This means that from the WebFlowConnector on SAP_SRM system to the UWL, all the 726 items are being returned. BUT in the UWL, not all of them are being displayed. And also in the item count within the UWL View (), the count increases by 1 each time that the user clicks in the refresh icon within the UWL UI.

The root cause is that only 1 item is written in the UWL cache after one refresh. On the next refresh another item is written.

ALL THE ITEMS are shown to the user but they are not written in the cache which causes this inconsistency.

In order to resolve this problem, the patch from the following note must be installed:

2072623 - Incorrect number of tasks is displayed in Universal Worklist

Kind regards,
Armando Zaro