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Over the past years, SAP Web IDE has helped customers develop and deliver business applications. These applications are being used by millions of end users, improving business processes for thousands of customers.

In parallel, SAP Business Application Studio, the successor of SAP Web IDE, which was released to customers almost two years ago, continues to evolve and is used by thousands of our customers today.

We have put a lot of effort into it, new capabilities and use cases. This has enabled us to bring SAP Business Application Studio to the state it is today – a modern, powerful state of the art development environment for business application developers. It offers pre-packaged solutions with essential tools for developing different types of applications, easy connectivity to SAP systems, quick integration to SAP solutions, productivity tools, and much more.

Watch this short video for a quick introduction of SAP Business Application Studio.

SAP Business Application Studio is packed with innovative tools, helping you to boost your development productivity.

Learn all about SAP Business Application Studio benefits and innovative offerings in our Info Blog.

Additionally, SAP Business Application Studio recently released a new set of tools, that allow users with minimal to no software development experience to develop business applications. Learn more about it here.

We are happy to invite you to migrate your SAP Web IDE applications to SAP Business Application Studio, and to plan your move to SAP Business Application Studio for your current and new developments.

Follow these links to learn how to migrate your applications from SAP Web IDE to SAP Business Application Studio:

Migrate from SAP Web IDE to SAP Business Application Studio

Migrate Fiori Apps

Migrate CAP Apps


To learn more about SAP Business Application Studio, visit our  Community Page and check out our tutorials.

You may also be interested in the differences between SAP Web IDE and SAP Business Application Studio

Visit the SAP Cloud Platform Discovery Center to learn about the licensing model for SAP Business Application Studio or purchase through the SAP store.

SAP Business Studio is also offered for evaluation purposes with the free plan, learn more about it here.

To summarize:

We are happy to invite you migrate your SAP Web IDE applications to SAP Business Application Studio. SAP Web IDE customers can continue using SAP Web IDE, it is still available and supported.