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Trying to consume the exposed Odata Services of a few ABAP Core data services in a Fiori Element Application on SAP Web IDE.

--------------------------  THE guide to follow to set up SAP Web IDE on HANA Cloud. However sometimes, you thought you had followed all the steps religiously and you still got an error, which could be one of the below:

  1. Incorrect/forgotten password for HANA cloud connector. https://localhost:8443/

The default user/password is “Administrator/manage”. Please note user "Administrator" is case sensitive and no space is permitted at the end. You might have typed "Administrator " and couldn’t tell there was a space, and this will throw an error.

You will need to change the initial password after you successfully logged on. In case of incorrect/forgotten password, you can go back to the folder SAP\scc20\config find the file user.xml and change the password back to the initial one. Password="181229424893BB65D94A74C2132B8B9E5ADFE851464FDB5CB9F49E8A8204BE7B" ( which corresponds to ’manage‘ ) username="Administrator"

  1. Catalog Service unavailable.

After you have configured your cloud connector, and you see all the status check result showing green and the connection to a remote system shows working, yet when you create a new project in SAP Web IDE and you encounter this issue.

Some times you might have forgotten the simplest thing -> Make sure in SICF the catalog service is activated.

And the service catalog are correctly maintained in /n/IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE, e.g. ICF Nodes status are green. If yellow, click the SICF node, and activate it again.

  1. The Annotation URL provided by this service is invalid. When you get passed the catalog service issue, another problem you might encounter.

The cause is due to the remote system connection configuration in HANA cloud connect is not consistent with the setting in WEB IDE cockpit URL.

Once they are consistent. e.g. in this case, change the URL to http://XXXX, you will find your annotation files there.

  1. Could not open app error. After the projects are created, and you are able to play with the CDS definition in the backend and see changes in the fiori App. Then suddenly google chrome throws this --

Test with IE went fine, figured it’s a browser issue. Go to Chrome-> more tools-> clear browsing data-> cached images and files.

And you are good to go again 🙂  …
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