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Perhaps first we need to talk about what the SAP Idea Place actually is. In a nutshell the Idea Place is a forum for anyone to share their ideas on how to enhance and improve almost any SAP product. And since we are in the SAP Lumira SCN Space, this is the link to the Lumira Idea Place:

SAP Lumira: Home

If you are interested in the process of how the ideas are evaluated, visit the How This Works page.

But, does it really work? In this blog, I want to specifically look at SAP Lumira and the ideas that have been delivered in 2015. I decided to do this in a matrix where I present the Idea Title (hyperlinked to the actual idea) and a very short description of the idea. In 2015, there were 27 ideas delivered, or implemented in Lumira. Additionally, there is a umber of ideas in the "Accepted" and "Under Review" state, meaning that there is a good chance these will see the light of day soon. The gears grind slowly, but grind they do.

Your ideas do count, they do get implemented and we thank everyone that has submitted an idea ((and voted for an idea) for taking the time to help us improve Lumira!

Here is the matrix of "delivered" ideas in 2015:

SSO Connection to BW from LumiraAbility to use to use SSO to "download data from SAP Business Warehouse" connection.
Crosstab column width settingAbility to adjust each column width
Lumira Charts Development for Lumira over HANA Implementation

stacked column/ stacked bar chart in combination with a line chart for specific targets.

Creating Lumira story from multiple HANA ViewsAccess multiple views, thus one page has data from 1st HANA view, 2nd page has info from 2nd HANA view
Combine visualizations from different documentsAbility to combine Visualizations in different documents using the same dataset in a single story
Create data set / view / export data from chartability to drill down into a chat's raw data, visualize it, export it to excel file and or share it by email.
Ability to change source file path Ability to change the original uploaded file path/name.
Custom Colors for Bars in Charts and Legend LocationAbility to select custom colors for charts.
More Options for Input Controls

slider or some other interface similar to WebI's query filtering options

Story page sequencechangeAdd the ability while composing a story to change their sequence
Visualization as Filteroption to use a visualization to filter rest of the visualization on the storyboard.
Single Storyboard form multiple data setsneeded across the board not to just for infographics
Combined Input Control for Storya single input control to be applied for the whole of the story.
Show Correct Number of Decimal Digits on Axisshow the correct number of decimal digits on the axis.
Add Extension via Lumira Interface - i.e. like Design Studio and Xcelsiuseasy installation of Extensions (no copy / paste)
Ability to ungroup a custom groupspecific option to un-group values back to original state
Color Palettes for Visualization ExtensionsThe colors used to render custom charts in Lumira Desktop are fixed at run time.
Difficulty of selecting/modifying a filter in visualization

No need to go through the long list of all values to locate the one that needs to be deselected.

A better UI for filtering numbersAbility to set a specific range of values, ie between 800 and 900
<Lumira, server for teams>User Management EnhancementsChange Users from NUL to CSBL, Change Email ID, be able to use non-email ID as usernames
Entire table data is displayed in page type report which makes the report lengthier and nonuniformscroll bars for table in page type report
Input Control Filter applies to multiple pages to a story boardoption where input filter can be selected and specify the value to apply to other pages also
Visualization Height and Width in Report Story Board Templateimproved template so that it adjusts the height and width automatically
Visualizations (i.e. charts/graphs,etc.) as Input Controls

charts as input controls.

Dynamic visibility for visualizations in the story boardshow different visualization based on user actions.
Input controls for Infographic Story BoardsAbility to filter the data with any dimensions after is opened.
Custom interaction between chartscustom interactivity between charts on the same dataset.