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It’s amazing to think that over 1 billion people own Android devices worldwide. While this number is certainly significant, it is not overly surprising given the growing popularity of Android in recent years. At SAP TechEd we were pleased to be joined by Google for several sessions on taking advantage of Android in the enterprise. Read on and check out a few big things including a new whitepaper about Android for Work, an opportunity to join the Android for Work Live webinar and qualify for an AFW device for testing with SAP Mobile Secure.

The statistics on Android adoption certainly help talk a big game about Android’s expansive presence in the consumer market, but the ratio of personal to corporate users is not the same. I've read many market reports say that the majority of Android consumers use their device for personal purposes only. Although Android is wildly popular in the mobile consumer market, it is a long way from dominant in the enterprise market. The reality is that IT still doesn’t feel safe enough to incorporate it for enterprise-wide adoptions.

Google – not oblivious to the security concerns facing Android for Work – has strategically partnered with SAP – a leader who knows what it takes to develop and support solutions for the enterprise. Here are some key aspects of both the partnership and the promise of Android for Work. These are explored in more detail in the whitepaper linked below.

Commitment to the Enterprise

Google has been committed to strengthening their security systems amidst concerns voiced from enterprise IT departments. While improving security, they have not forced companies to abandon tried-and-true processes but instead work within the realm of EMM systems like SAP Mobile Secure.

Separate Business and Personal Areas

Employees utilizing BYOD want a clean and safe separation between personal data and business data. The secure Work Profiles, which isolate and protect corporate data while managing the flow of work information. All business apps and content goes into the Work Profile, which is encrypted. Employees can use approved work apps and their persona apps safely and securely, and IT can rest easy knowing that company business data is easily manageable on all Android devices.

Enterprise Expertise

SAP is known as a leader in enterprise mobile applications and security. SAP allows users to explore 300+ Android apps – the variety in apps available is great. SAP brings the potential to integrate Android devices into the corporate environment securely.

Register for the Android for Work Live webinar

Join Google for a 60 minute online event on Wednesday, November 4, 2015 starting at 11 AM PST. The Android for Work product team will discuss how Google, partners and customers are working together to transform the enterprise. Qualifying SAP customers can get started testing Mobile Secure on an AFW device after attending the webinar. You can register here.

Finally, for more information on Android for Work and how SAP and Google are working together, read the whitepaper here.

Originally published on 10/21/2015 for SAP for Mobile, updated on 01/11/2016.