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1. Problem

  IQ became unresponsive due to cognos connection.

  We can see many cognos client connections which are holding the cursor.

2. Cause

  It may be caused by the queryReuse functionality in Cognos.

  When this Cognos setting is enabled, it uses the IQ internal cursors and does not release them.

  This results in IQ has no more cursors available and IQ got unresponsive.

3. Resolution


   Here are possible solutions for both sides (IQ and Cognos).

    1) IQ

      : Increase the options below and switch.


1) "-gm"
2) "-iqgovern"
3) "max_cursor_count"

    2) Cognos

       : Cognos doesn't  keep the connection open and holds the IQ cursors after having finished with queries.

        1) queryReuse = 0 or disable   


Gi-Sung Jang

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