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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

  1. What is the splash screen size for iPhone 5?

Adding a new splash file to your project: Default-568h@2x.png . This is a 640 x 1136 pixel image that will be displayed when your app starts loading on iPhone 5 devices.

File Name: Default-568h@2x.png Size: 640 x 1136.

2. How I will check my existing App in iPhone 5 simulators?


Make sure you download Xcode 4.5 to access the new iOS Simulator. Then execute your project in this latest Xcode by default it will load in iPhone 5 simulators. If not, select iOS simulator then select Hardware->Device->iPhone (Retina 4-inch) from main menu.






  3. How to increase my existing view height to support iPhone 5?

Launch the existing project in new Xcode4.5. Select *.xib file then select View. Make sure Utilities are visible in right side, then select Attributes Inspector->Simulated Metrics->Size->None(By default) change to Retina 4 Full Screen

  4. What is the view size of iPhone 5?

View size for iPhone 5 in Portrait Mode is 320x568 and landscape Mode is 568x320 including status bar size.



  1. 5. List the Simulators comes along with Xcode4.5 iOS6 SDK?


Make sure you download Xcode 4.5 to access the new iOS Simulator. Launch iOS simulator then select Hardware->Device from main menu(Refer below Table).


Device Simulator Output
iPhone (Retine 4-inch) iPhone 5
iPhone (Retine 3.5-inch) iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S
iPhone iPhone 3GS
iPad iPad2
iPad (Retina) The New iPad





  6. My existing iPhone application will load in iPhone 5?

Yes. Existing applications will load in the middle of the iPhone 5 screen with black color bars on the top and bottom.