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Having spent quite few years in user interface developments like BSP’s, webdynpro’s, Portal Components, Guided procedures and now the responsive UI. We always try to provide best user interface in our apps but we do not know what is the perfect user interface is. With Leonardo, we can leverage new platform and services to understand user interactions, usage and tailor user interface to suit user perfectly.

Users expect, a neat user interface with some magic to happen when they use any app, machine learning brings in adding value for the user and increasing overall engagement. I listed few of the areas where these services can be leveraged to improve productivity, automate repetitive tasks and gain insights into interactions.


Today we code to show same result for every user when we present list of records, instead results can be based on past history, search history and more relevant information by using a Leonardo service which takes input of past results and can predict and show what is more relevant. This is important because we provide lists with filters and sorters and users end up searching through the same content every time they use the app. as the machine learning model learning interface will be more adaptive which brings in easiness to use and make faster decisions.

Lot these kinds algorithms are already successful in ads space, to show only the relevant adds, browsers showing history and predictions.

We must carefully understand the uncertainty of the result set as this might impact the business if the detection and prediction is not certain. More testing might be required as since the technology is still emerging.


Users fill in lot of information in the forms, machine learning can help to track and analyze data entered and interaction that happens with interface, success and errors in forms can be fed into artificial intelligent, machine learning services to give developers better ideas to improve the way we can design forms help in automatically fill in the values. Data collected can be used in providing feedback to the developer for improving the layout, alter interface and improve performance.


workflows are always complex and time consuming as business process involves lot of human interactions with approvals, validations, repetitive checks. again, trained models can help in reducing the total time spent and reduce complexity of workflows with collected data, end user trainings will become easy and as the business users outlearn doing relevant simple actions and machine can continue learning to bring in simpler manageable flows.


Bots are new area, I have started exploring how minimal ui is helping in completing a business object creation, more services from Leonardo will be bringing in machine learning into enterprise apps which makes us to completely re think user interface design patterns in application development more generic personalization, more shortcuts to relevant pages. Machine learning is all about giving surprise results to the user to make it more enjoyable.

Will write about conversational apps in future posts.