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Looking at the current discussions around IoT inside and outside SAP I will work on an overview of scenarios discussed within Discrete Manufacturing.

This is a Blog post reflecting my personal ideas and I will not only cover scenarios alread realized but also put some ideas on the table. No all of them are 'ready to implement', the should help you to understand the idea of IoT and to discuss possible scenarios with your customer.

Feel free to discuss, or even better, to realize them.

Maintenance optimization in Discrete Manufacturing

Monitor the usage of Assets and Machines to get an indication of possible failures. Move machines not scheduled for maintenance to planned maintenance windows to prevent failures during operation. Main task is to avoid unplanned outages, as they lead to production loss and additional cost for urgent replanning/rescheduling of production tasks and trouble with customer.

Benefit : Adjust maintenance activities in planned maintenance windows to cover planned and unplanned activities.

Example : Unplanned downtime of robots in a highly automated line at a car manufacturer.

Realize : PdMS

Operation excellence in Discrete Manufacturing

Proper planning of maintenance will give you maximum availability of production lines and allow you to commit and confirm deliveries of goods based on machine availability. This does also help you to keep maintenance downtimes to a minimum and also allow you to reduce stock and preproduction of goods.

Benefit : Use integrated planning of maintenance activities to request and schedule services. Make all required information available during service planning using real time machine data to decide on activities, qualification and spare parts.

Example : N/A

Realize : PdMS and MRS