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Welcome to the first blog in the JF Tech SAC Administration series, where we will be covering all topics related to security and administration for SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC). This will be a narrative driven series that will discuss product functionalities as users resolve issues around the maintenance of a SAC tenant. It will be framed by a similar deployment in our own landscape, where adrian.westmoreland and I are tenant administrators. With that in mind, the series will be written from my perspective as an administrator in this tenant.


While this series is going to be written in a narrative manner, it will be a good point of reference for suggested best practices around security and administration in SAC. All technical materials, such as enablement content, will be linked within the blog posts to ensure that you can follow along with what we will be doing.


I will briefly frame the story now with what our starting environment resembles to give a point of reference when changes are made. Whenever these changes occur, we will make sure to update the bullet list below to reflect them. We will also include the blog post number that contains the change, for our readers’ reference.


The JF Tech SAC Environment

  • Departmental deployment

  • 10-20 users

  • Planning enabled, but limiting users to BI functionality until requested


Finally, we will make sure to keep a list of the series’ blog posts on this page, so check back here to find out when new content has been released. We hope that you find the material helpful, and please feel free to share your best practices around each blog’s topic area as well as any topics you would like us to cover in a future blog.

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