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In this blog, I would like to introduce the new quick access to the script performance analysis tool, available in Q2 2022 release.

Now at design time you can select Performance Optimization->Analyze Script Performance in Runtime from the toolbar so that you don’t need to manually add the URL parameter APP_PERFORMANCE_LOGGING=true. You’ll see the application opens in a new browser tab.

Then, when the application finishes loading at runtime, remember to press Ctrl+Shift+A or Ctrl+Shift+Z to open the popup.

In the script performance popup, the performance results are displayed in a swim lane diagram where each script event is represented as a blue lane and the red bars show the bottlenecks, which make you have a sense of the direction to optimize the performance. You can select Refer to Best Practice to find the top tips directly or refer to the developer handbook for performance optimization deep dive.

You can follow the steps in this video to use the performance analysis tool: