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Packages are often used in SAP HANA application development for modeler views and XS projects. Many packages are used and different objects are created in each package in development. These packages should be migrated to production server for deployment finally so the migration of packages remains a problem. In the previous blog, we have provide a solution for migration on modeler views, while it is not suitable for the SAP HANA native application

SAP HANA uses “Delivery Unit” to realize migration on different packages from different instance. A delivery unit could be regarded as a collection of several packages for centralization of management. This blog will mainly discuss how to create and use Delivery Unit.

Access Methods

SAP HANA provides a centralized management platform called HANA Application Lifecycle Management for Delivery Unit. Before visiting it, the user should have the “sap.hana.xs.lm.roles: :Administrator” privilege. You could visit it in these two ways.

  1. SAP HANA Studio

That is very similar with visiting LifeCycle Management: right click on Transport Management.

2. Access it with URL


Platform Features

The following picture shows main interface of HANA Application Lifecycle Management. The platform lists many features for Delivery Unit, such as export/import/create delivery unit and search package.

A Vendor ID should be created for the initially used of HANA Application Lifecycle Management. Choose change vendor under Administration if you want to change to a new vendorID.

Create a DU

For SAP HANA SP07, system creates several delivery units after installation of SAP HANA, which display under PRODUCTS->Delivery Units. You can add, delete or modify delivery units from it. It is very simple to create a delivery unit.

  1. Fill in the name, version and simple description of DU.

  2.  Assign packages to this DU.

Export a DU

The created delivery units and owned packages are listed and you could export the DU into a .tgz file through Export Delivery Unit File.

Import a DU

Import the delivery unit and all the related packages are created in SAP HANA.

Manage Studio

SAP HANA Studio also provides administration for DU. Switch to modeler perspective and chooses Delivery Unit under Setup.

  1. Create DU and assign packages to it.


  2.  Export and import DU with selecting Delivery Unit in SAP HANA Content.