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Software Update Manager (SUM) Toolbox is an ABAP-based transaction that allows you to run certain tools and reports related to the various scenarios offered by Software Update Manager.
Starting from release 05/2022 of SUM Toolbox, the ZDO Preliminary Checks have been delivered. The main idea of the checks is to verify if a system can be upgraded or updated using Zero Downtime Option (ZDO) even before starting Software Update Manager.

Which Checks Are Performed?

As part of the SUM Toolbox, the ZDO preliminary checks are delivered with the focus on the consistency of the following topics:

  • Usage of SAP Business Warehouse

  • Status of Silent Data Migration Infrastructure

  • Consistency check of data dictionary and database

  • Consistency check of SAP HANA content deployment

  • Consistency check of active nametab objects

  • Check ZDO compliance of SLT setup


SUM Toolbox: ZDO Preliminary Checks Entry Screen


Usage of SAP Business Warehouse

The usage of SAP Business Warehouse (BW) can differ dependent on the applications used in the SAP S/4HANA system. SAP BW distinguishes between three different operating modes:

  • Data Warehouse

  • Embedded BW

  • Embedded Analytics

This check requires the following SAP Notes to be applied beforehand:

  • SAP Note 3006375 - BW operating mode and zero downtime maintenance

  • SAP Note 3098968 - BW operating mode and zero downtime maintenance

  • SAP Note 3154703 - Enhance CL_RS_UTILITIES=>GET_SYSTEM_SCOPE

If a critical object like an Info Cube, Data Store, or Advanced Data Store is found, these object would have to be checked in detail as they potentially leverage data warehousing which is not supported by ZDO.

If a ZDO update or upgrade is blocked because of determining data warehousing in the SAP BW check,
create an incident via SAP ONE Support Launchpad for component BC-UPG-DTM-TLA.

Exemplary result:

ZDO Preliminary Checks: BW Check


Status of Silent Data Migration Infrastructure

Typically, Silent Data Migration Infrastructure (SDMI) classes have to be finished in all clients prior an upgrade is started. However, there might be also SDMI classes with an extended release validity. This check outlines the SDMI classes which must be finished before starting the ZDO upgrade procedure. For more details, see SAP Note 2907976 - Silent Data Migration (SDMI) - FAQ.

Exemplary result:

ZDO Preliminary Checks: SDMI Check


Consistency Check of Data Dictionary And Database

During a ZDO update or upgrade, all database and data dictionary objects have to be in a consistent state. The check as part of SUM Toolbox determines a broad spectrum of potential erroneous objects like:

  • Missing tables and indexes in data dictionary but present in database

  • Inconsistent indexes, views, and tables

Exemplary result:

ZDO Preliminary Checks: DDIC Check


Consistency Check of SAP HANA Content Deployment

This check validates the consistency of all objects in SAP HANA content deployed by HANA Transport Container (HTC), SAP HANA Transport for ABAP (HTA), and SAP HANA Deployment Infrastructure (HDI). During the ZDO procedure, the HDI containers need to be re-deployed for the bridge sub-system. Hence, all objects have to be in a consistent state. Also, this check lists the custom-created objects created in SAP HANA Repository which require a manual migration into an HDI container.

Exemplary result:

ZDO Preliminary Checks: HANA Content Check


Consistency Check of Active Nametab Objects

The nametab (short for name table) or sometimes also called runtime object is read by the kernel in all places when Information about ABAP Dictionary objects is requested. Inconsistent nametabs can have an impact on the ZDO procedure, especially in case tables are classified as cloned tables. Hence, this check provides a consistency check if all active nametab objects have a corresponding object in the ABAP Dictionary. Also, it's checked if the ABAP dictionary object belongs to a valid and consistent database table.

Exemplary result:

ZDO Preliminary Checks: Nametab Check


Check ZDO Compliance of SLT setup

ZDO supports RFC-based SLT replication. It's essential that the SLT setup is fully consistent. In case SLT triggers are attached to a database table, a logging table must exist in the ABAP Dictionary as well as on database level. The same hold true for the other way round: if a logging table exists, SLT triggers must be present in the database.

Exemplary result:

ZDO Preliminary Checks: SLT Check


When And Where Should The Checks be Executed?

It's recommended to run the ZDO Preliminary Checks in all systems which should be upgraded or updated using ZDO. Of course, it's important to start with the sandbox system as outlined in the ZDO e-Learning ADM330e (linked here: SAP Support Portal page on Zero Downtime Option for SAP S/4HANA). The sandbox should be created out of a recent copy of your production system to get the most value out of the checks.

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