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Did you miss SAP Fiori related information about your SAP systems? Now you get it! Just open the SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace application within SAP for Me and have a look at the recently released "SAP Fiori Statistics" card.

It includes four different views on your system landscape for systems where OData calls have been detected. You can navigate from one view to another using the perspective switches (a.k.a. dropdown fields) on the top of the card.

By default, when you open the Workspace within a new user session, the card shows the Top 10 systems of your system landscape sorted by OData Workload in a bubble chart layout. A bubble represents an SAP system. Its color changes if the average OData call time trend decreases (-> green), increases (-> red) or stays the same (-> orange).
A click on the bubble brings you to the SAP EarlyWatch Alert Dashboard of the selected system.
This view is very handy to identify critical Fiori systems and how they perform.

View 1 - Top 10 System by OData Workload

With the left Perspective Switch you can jump to the bubble chart Top 10 Services. The reason why you now see the same system bubbles several times is that we decided to not show the name of the OData services but again the system ID since OData service names can be quite long.

View 2 - Top 10 Services by OData Workload

Hover the mouse pointer over a bubble to get the detail information, including the OData service name, average call time, total number of OData calls, and more. This view gives you an idea which OData service is qualified for a performance optimization.


When the Perspective Switches Top 10 Systems and Gateway Errors are selected you get a system list which displays the trend of Gateway Errors related to the preceding week. Green systems are getting healthier, red systems sicker. A click on the list item brings you again to the Dashboard of the selected system.

View 3 - Top 10 Systems by Gateway Errors

Choosing Perspective Switches Top 10 Services and By Gateway Errors shows a trend list of errors regarding specific OData services. Clicking the line items of this list navigates you to its Dashboard, as well.

View 4 - Top 10 Service by Gateway Errors

In addition, the User Experience section has been released on the SAP EarlyWatch Alert Dashboard which provides seven new charts with SAP Fiori related information at system-level. This Dashboard section is introduced by this SAP Blog.

If you encounter any strange behavior within the Workspace, when you think the shown data cannot be correct, or you have an idea to improve the user experience then please don't hesitate to comment on this SAP Blog to let us know. We are delighted to contact you and give our best to improve the SAP EarlyWatch Alert cloud applications.