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The User Assistance team for SAP Analytics Cloud is in the process of transforming the online help to maximize the findability and usability of help articles. The first step of this transformation process is to simplify how content is categorized.

The new SAP Analytics Cloud Help Welcome page

Content has been reorganized into new categories and subcategories that focus on what users want to do in the product, organized from simplest to most complex or specialized. For example, you can now find all planning-related content in a single category. The overall number of categories has also been reduced.

Interactive diagrams have been added to the Welcome page that enable you to jump to the relevant categories – a swimlane diagram that groups categories by functionality for experienced users, and a decision tree that shows new users how the various modules in the product are connected.

Easy-to-use landing pages are available for each category that show users all the relevant Help articles in one place, grouped into subcategories based on goals.

An SAP Analytics Cloud Help landing page

As the transformation continues, new articles will be introduced to provide more context, existing articles rewritten to reduce duplication, and diagrams and image maps, simplified screenshots, data tables, and embedded videos added to make the Help more interactive and appealing.

You can access the new SAP Analytics Cloud Help using the links below:


General Use

Data Preparation

Analysis and Visualization

Smart Features




We appreciate your input, so please check out the new Help and feel free to share your feedback on individual topics on the SAP Help Portal. Just click the feedback widget at the bottom of a page, click Yes or No to indicate if the topic was helpful, and then enter specific feedback to indicate what you like about the article or where it could use improvement.

Help Portal feedback widget

Thanks for reading!