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In this blog post I would like to share about the book that we just released. Thanks to my co-authors and contributors 

Lets start with

  • Why to read this book?

  • What does it contain?

  • How to buy it ?

  • What do to after you buy the book?

Why read this book?

Seriously why should you read a book when all the information is available online. We have open sap courses , an expert portal and tonnes of blog posts , youtube videos and Help documentation. Why bother to read a book.

Why do we read books. Why did we read books in our childhood. I love reading books as the books convey a story. A journey of a character as the character evolves , matures , fights obstacles and then rises to the occasion. That's exactly what this book is about. The story of SAP Cloud ALM. How this product is taking shape . Also the book does not stop there , it shapes the story of your SAP Implementation. How should you start , how do you use the tool in the best possible way.

How the power of preloaded content combines with the power of mass content uploads to create an unbeatable starting point. How you remain in control of all the moving parts from testing to deployment orchestration. how do you deal with content updates and upgrades.

Its all explained in an easy to read fashion.


What does the book contain?

The book contains  the overall value proposition of SAP Cloud ALM. It introduces not just Implementation but also how the tool is beneficial in operations and services. Then  it does a deep dive into Implementation use cases.

It offers you two perspectives one a functional perspective on the features and capabilities that the consultants and experts need on a day to day basis but the more interesting part is how to use SAP Cloud ALM in the value pillars of Design , Build , Test and Deploy. You need to understand the full story to understand how the capabilities seamlessly work together to create the best experience for you.

A very important point to note is book contains stories from actual implementations and advise you on how to approach yours.

How to buy it?

This is the easy part. Click here to buy it. Its an E-book so you will get instant delivery

What to do after you buy it?

Read it

and read it again. Then don't stop. Find the demo instance and start using the tool. Everything is setup in the demo system already. Just experience it .


Hope you enjoyed this post. Spread the word. Visit the master blog post for more details and yes .. have fun.