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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Recap from the previous blogs...

We renamed SAP API Business Hub to SAP Business Accelerator Hub. – the variety of content on site grew organically and we had to rename to keep up. While the site will continues to evolve, the URL will stay. We remain committed to deliver high quality, enterprise grade, pre-built accelerators for our customers and consultants.

We added a new URL to access the SAP Business Accelerator Hub, this was the logical next step after renaming the website. Both the rename and new URL were for a singular purpose - announce that the website has expanded its target audience from pro-code persona i.e., the developer persona to now include low-code and no-code personas with Business Process and Automation content targeted at decision makers, functional consultants, and power users. While still works, welcomes a wider audience to the website.


Why do we need the concept of domains?

With pro-code, low-code and no-code all in the same site, we had a new problem. How do you enable a no-code user to avoid pro-code content and vice versa? The guiding principle here is that if a user sees something that is not of interest then it is noise that degrades the user's experience.

Hence we came up with the concept of 'Domains'.

Domains represents a distinct area of focus. Within each domain, there are a specific set of technical artefacts that converge to tackle customer problems to solve.Think of a domain as a specialised section, with focus on a variety of resources that are relevant to a specific persona and have an interplay that drives innovation.

We launch with two domains

    1. Integration


    1. SAP Build

with more to be added.