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The spring 2019 update of SAP Analytics Cloud includes SAP’s next generation low-code app development platform for analytics apps; Analytics Designer.  Analytics Designer brings the ability to create bespoke applications of any size in SAP Analytics Cloud.  It gives customers unprecedented flexibility in build analytic apps, from the simples, to cutting edge apps including SAC’s latest augmentation technology and Intelligent Enterprise capability.

SAP Analytics Cloud, Analytics Designer provides customers with rich JavaScript scripting capabilities, giving them the freedom to think outside the box, while using same widget palette as stories.  Designers can take advantage of SAP Analytics Cloud's augmentation features, such as smart discovery when and how it makes sense in their applications.  They can interact with Open Data (ODATA) entities and actions.

It used to be that there was an insight to action gap.  Users might notice something in their analytics tools that needs to be acted on, but they could not act right away.  They had to go to another tool.  Aside from having a gap in the workflow, it might not even be clear where and how to reach the relevant records in the transactional system.  This was a longstanding pain point.  Now, with SAP Analytics Cloud, Analytics Designer, application designers can create closed loop scenarios, where they can immediately act on their insights, right from the analytics app.

Older generation BI application design tools were report oriented.  SAP Analytics Cloud, Analytics Designer is a low-code analytics app designer for the 2020’s.  Visit for more info.