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It all started two years ago on a late SAPPHIRENOW evening somewhere in a bar in Orlando. Mathias and I were reviewing the day over one or two pints of beer, when we came to the conclusion to write a book on HANA. It was not exactly the pints of beer that caused the writing of the book; it was rather the fact that we did see reoccurring questions which we thought might be interesting for a larger audience.

In particular, people we talked to where looking for ways how to build up their business case for SAP HANA. What would be a good business scenario, and were should I start with in-memory technology? Obviously there were also lots of questions around the technology itself.

Surprisingly enough, we still remembered our idea the next day and embarked on an endeavor we had no clue how much work it meant. As HANA is moving at HANA speed, we quickly figured out that printing a book would probably take too long, so we decided to go for an eBook which we could update on a regular basis once new capabilities would become available with SAP HANA (and to correct our spelling errors). As both Mathias and I have kind of day jobs, we wrote The SAP HANA Project Guide in our spare time. But writing a book is a lot of work, so the writing of the book involved a lot of additional pints of beers, many ups and downs, the threat of physical violence (just kidding), a locked suitcases and finally.. THE book.

So here we are: introducing "The SAP HANA Project Guide". Written for people planning to run or already running a SAP HANA project. Besides the introduction, we do have three main chapters for you:

1- The business case - to help you identify the value of SAP HANA for your organization, and to help you build a business case

2- The Technology - to help you understand why SAP HANA is such a game changing technology

3- The project - to equip you with best practices from many projects helping you to run your project in a successful way

The book closes with a vision chapter to sketch out the bigger picture surrounding in-memory technology. It helps you figure out your very own  strategy for this new technology. If you have a vision in mind of what you will be able to do with SAP HANA, and you have an idea for how to get started with your very first project after reading this book - then we have reached our ultimate aim of helping you be successful with your SAP HANA project.

You can get "The SAP HANA Project Guide" on your favorite
eBook store at Amazon, iTunes, or Kobo

Have fun with the book and please, send us your feedback ...