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This blog post briefs you about the Community and Partner With Us pages available on SAP API Business Hub. These pages contain information that lets our Users, Developers, Enterprise Architects, and Partners effectively communicate and engage with the SAP API Business Hub community. These pages appear prominently on the header section of SAP API Business Hub.

Community page

In the Community page, you find links to API community and Integration community. The users of these communities constantly engage in interactions about APIs and integrations.

The API community is for users, developers, and partners who consume SAP APIs from SAP API Business Hub and manage them using SAP API Management. The Integration community is for users, developers, and partners who want to integrate processes and data between cloud applications, 3rd party systems and On-premise solutions using SAP Cloud Platform Integration service.

Being a part of these communities helps you keep afloat on the latest trends around APIs and integrations and helps you in broadening your API and integration knowledge.

Recipes to accelerate your API and Integration projects

You can access API and integration recipes available on the GitHub community-driven repository. By being a part of the community-driven repository, you can also contribute content that helps other community users in implementing their API and integration projects.

The API recipes help you in catering to your day-to-day API lifecycle needs. The recipes include information about API best practices, samples, and reusable codes. For example, you can check the recipe that showcases how quickly you can apply the Verify API Key policy for an API proxy.

The integration recipes on the GitHub repository helps you accelerate your SAP Cloud Platform integration projects. The integration recipes talk about sample integration flows that you can upload into an already created integration package, a recipe that lets you quickly convert a file from JSON to XML format, connect to external databases from your Cloud Platform Integration tenant, etc.

Explore Blogs

You can find blogs written by SAP and our partners about various solutions available in SAP API Business Hub. By contributing and engaging with the blogging community, you can promote your API and integration content. These blogs help in increasing the visibility and consumption rate of your content available on SAP API Business Hub.

Partner With Us page

In the Partner With Us page, partners can find information needed to join the SAP API Business Hub partner program for publishing content. The partner content is published with an SAP-certified logo after governance by SAP API Business Hub content administrators. You’ll also find information about some of our best practices, standards, and guidelines that help you in publishing your content swiftly, and with ease.

You can explore and experience a rich and varied set of content that some of our trusted partners have already published on the SAP API Business Hub.


With the introduction of community and partner pages, we would like to provide all the necessary information for you to kickstart your API and integration project journey on SAP API Business Hub.