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The latest study by Pew Research says the Internet of Things will thrive by 2025 transforming our personal health, homes, communities, goods and services and our environment. This year, at SAPPHIRE NOW, SAP will have a key emphasis on the Internet of Things to help our customers walk into the connected future.

Here are key IoT activities you don’t want to miss:

Hear from SAP senior executives like Steve Lucas and SAP customers on how the revolutionary power of the Internet of Things to transform and optimize existing businesses and create brand new products, services and business models. Key sessions to follow:

Harness the Internet of Things to Lead in a Networked Economy

Build a better, connected world with the Internet of Things

Innovate and Reinvent Business Processes with the Internet of Things

Industry 4.0 / Manufacturing: Industry 4.0, also known as the Internet of Things in Manufacturing, is laying the groundwork for the 4th industrial revolution, not just automating a single production line but also connecting it to the end-to-end procurement, logistics, warehousing and finally store stocking processes. Key sessions to follow:  

Join the Next Industrial Revolution in Manufacturing

Enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution through the Internet of Things

Embrace the Future of the Connected Factory Now

Benefit from the Internet of Things in Manufacturing

Connected Logistics: Existing infrastructure in cities is outdated and unable to accommodate the fast-growing urban population. The Internet of Things is enabling smarter solutions for transportation of goods and people via rail, air and land transportation. Key sessions to follow: 

Connected Retail: Internet of Things could be the next biggest thing that transforms the retail industry by removing silos of information. This will result in synchronized retail across online, in-store and mobile channels to provide consumers with a highly-personalized, seamless experience. Key sessions to follow: 

Reshape the Future of Retail with the Internet of Things

Engage with Customers in the Era of Synchronized Retail

Predictive Maintenance: IoT is transforming enterprise asset management and field services by providing the ability to remotely monitor assets in real-time and perform predictive maintenance before equipment failure occurs resulting in maximizing up-time, lowering response time, and improving efficiency. Key sessions to follow: 

Reduce Maintenance Costs with Proactive Service

Reinvent Asset Management in the Networked Economy

Keep Field Workers Safe with Real-Time Equipment Monitoring

Revolutionize Predictive Maintenance and Remote Monitoring of Assets

Connected City: IoT is helping cities around the world create safer and sustainable environments for citizens by gaining real-time visibility into infrastructure usage and social sentiment. Key sessions to follow: 

Deliver Value in the Age of the Connected City

Become the Data-Driven City of the Future

Connected Car: Connected car is the latest wave of innovation and transformation for the large automotive industry. Using telematics, car companies can improve vehicle operations and provide better service to improve customer experience. Key sessions to follow: 

Advance Consumer Engagement with Connected Vehicles

Discover Connected Cars Inspired by Millennials for Millennials

Revolutionize the Customer Experience with a Telematics Platform

At SAPPHIRE NOW, SAP IoT experts, customers and partners will bring you more than 100 sessions to learn from. Check out the full list of Internet of Things sessions.