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In this blog, it is explained the step-by-step process of adding a new scenario in Interface Monitoring (ICMON) for CPI Integration.

  • How to get root URL & OAuth token from integration suite.

  • Create a new cloud service in Managed System Configuration using root URL and OAuth token.

  • Create a new Scenario for CPI integration.

  • Monitor the interface channel in ICMON application.

How to get root URL and OAuth token from Integration Suite

  • Go to your SAP BTP Cockpit → Access the subaccount used for SAP Cloud Integration

  • Go to "Instances and Subscriptions" and choose the instance related to process integration runtime.

Instance - Process Integration Runtime

  • Go to Service key and click view in the actions

  • Pop up opens, copy the value from the attribute 'url' for root URL and ‘tokenurl’ for OAuth token.

CPI Root URL and OAuth Token

Managed System Configuration

  • Go to Tcode ‘SOLMAN_SETUP’ or Choose “Basic Configuration – Mandatory Configuration” in Fiori launchpad.

  • Choose Managed System Configuration.

  • Go to Cloud services tab and Create Cloud Service.

Create a new cloud service

  • Follow the steps and update the root URL derived from the above step.

  • Click configure cloud service and maintain the OAuth token under HTTP end points.

Add OAuth Details

Create a new scenario for CPI Integration

  • Go to Tcode ‘SOLMAN_SETUP’ or Choose “Basic Configuration – Mandatory Configuration” in Fiori launchpad.

  • Choose Interface and Connections under Application Operations -> Integration Monitoring.

  • Create a new scenario.

Enter the required details and add a cloud system in step 2 under external services.

  • Add an interface channel in Configuration section and select the required metrics in metric configuration tab.

Interface Channel

       If you are not sure about the iflow ID then enter * and save it. It will retrieve all the iflows configured in integration suite.

  • Go to Activation section and activate the interface channel.

Monitor the Interface channel in ICMON app

  • Choose Interface Monitoring in Fiori Launchpad.

  • Enter the interface scenario.

  • Choose the interface channel and monitor the metrics


Useful sap notes:

3335616 - Corrections for ICMON 7.2 SP17

3289914 - Corrections for ICMON 7.2 SP16.

2981865 - ICMON collector change with OAuth authentication.

3082444 - ICMON collector change with OAuth authentication for SP11.

Reference links: