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Dear Community,


Through this blog, I would like to share a trivial topic with screenshots on how to rectify the                  where-used list interactively for any program. This corruption of where-used list output is even applicable on SAP S/4 HANA as well (my system is 1709 release).

SAP stores the where-used details of any artifact in the table WBCROSSGT. Sometimes this table contains old references of DDIC objects which got deleted or renamed or whose usage was removed. In those situations, if we want to sanitize the transport then we are usually need to delete the unused DDIC artifacts but since the where-used list is not yet updated, it causes issues while deletion.

Solution for this problem is to manually 'Update the Navigation Index' for every DDIC artifact's usage source so that incorrect references in index table are cleaned.


Steps to achieve the same are illustrated below -

1. Observe the inconsistent index entry in table WBCROSSGT.

2. Open the include in SE38.


3. Go the menu option to 'Update Navigation Index' and see the inconsistent where-used list



Though this is a very basic topic, feedback and learnings are most welcome.


PS: As aptly pointed by matthew.billingham , the standard SAP report fixes the incorrect where-used list for all objects, be it custom or standard.