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SAP Analytics Cloud now offers a new format that supports you to acquire expertise in various SAP Analytics Cloud areas in step-by-step instructions.

What Are Interactive Tutorials?

Interactive tutorials let you click through a scenario in a recorded system environment while guiding you through a predefined workflow. They support beginners, but advanced users can also benefit from tutorials that explain new features.

Why Do We Offer this Format for SAP Analytics Cloud?

The help offered on the SAP Analytics Cloud Help Portal page serves you to gain knowledge by reading help articles or watching videos before you start working in the application. If you don’t feel comfortable getting started right away, you can now make yourself familiar with product features by clicking through a task you need to accomplish while still being in a safe recorded system environment.

How to Work with Interactive Tutorials

Yellow text boxes provide information and explanation, or give you detailed instructions. You select the highlighted part of the screen or enter text as you would do in your real system.

Screenshot of a tutorial showing a yellow text box with instructions

A progress bar indicates how far you got and lets you go back to a step you might want to repeat.

Image of the progress bar

Additionally, you can view the workflow steps in PDF format.

Image showing the options to start a tutorial and to open the related PDF document

After you’ve clicked through the learning tutorial, this hands-on document lets you look up certain steps when you repeat the workflow in your system.

Sample screenshot showing the structure of a tutorial PDF document

Where to Access the Learning Tutorials for SAP Analytics Cloud

You can access the tutorials from several places:

Tip: You can also access this page on the SAP Analytics Cloud Help Portal page under Popular Help Topics.

Tutorials are currently available for data analyzer, stories, analytic applications, data action tracing, and calendar. As we research other areas where you can benefit from this new format, there will be more tutorials available in the future.

The tutorials usually take 2-5 minutes. Try them out for yourself and see if you can benefit from their learning effect.

Thanks for reading, and please feel free to share your feedback and questions!