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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
It is always a pleasure to collaborate with SAP Partners. During recent second series of Hyperautomation webinar, I worked with an amazing team from IBM to show how IBM has leveraged SAP Extension Suite, and specifically SAP Workflow Management to reinvent industry workflows to increase customer experience.


During our session, we presented short technical implementation demos and discussed how the combined Intelligent Workflows for Lead-To-Order with outcome based billing solution can help streamline technically challenging business process in the Industrial Machinery and Components (IM&C) industry. Why are these workflow processes challenging? Because they span multiple systems and involve product with complex specifications and pricing, among other things.

IBM has provided improvements on top of the standard SAP content and framework to handle complex configurable products those found in the IM&C industry. The end-to-end scenario uses SAP Cloud for Customer, SAP Sales Cloud, CPQ, S/4HANA, other back-end systems, Qualtrics, SAP FSM, and even SAP Conversational AI to use chatbots to trigger the workflows.



The step-by-step demo takes you through the process from beginning to end, and shows you how targeted automation of different processes can turn leads into orders in an optimized way.

One part of the demo also showcases an important IBM component: cognitive pricing, which is an AI solution built on SAP Data Intelligence that uses complex algorithms to analyze the historic transactions of the customer and their product choices as a means of determining what the acceptable and most preferred price range is for a given product, along with the associated probabilities of the customer’s accepting the quote at different prices. The higher the price, higher the profit margin, but the lower the chances of winning the quote, and vice versa: the lower the price, the higher the chances of winning the quote, but with a smaller profit margin — and it is up to the sales representative to make a wise decision!

As the process moves ahead, of course, the workflow monitor in SAP Workflow Management lets the sales representative follow its status from initial lead creation to the customer’s acceptance or renegotiation of the quote.

IBM have created even more intelligent workflows for IM&C industries, such after-market content that accelerates the plant maintenance process. Similarly, a set of maintenance and digital handover tools also published as a content package in API business hub.


Watch the full session to dive deeper into the details and learn how you can easily leverage the prepackaged content to accelerate your journey towards digitally transforming & extending the business processes to enhance customer experience.


We hope you will watch our presentation and demos to see for yourself how SAP and SAP partner solutions can help you transform your business. Below are some quick links for finding more information and news about intelligent workflows using SAP Workflow Management and IBM collaborative content.