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Your financial planning and analysis (FP&A) solution is outdated. We now live in a time where artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have optimized processes and solutions, so there is no excuse for using legacy planning solutions such as Microsoft Excel. There are countless FP&A solutions that offer basic planning functionality—however, only a handful have built-in intelligence that supports decision-making. But why do we need FP&A solutions that have this “intelligence” built-in?

Well, the regular FP&A process is around finance creating plans, analyzing data, and extracting insights for management. With the wealth of data in today’s age, it’s no wonder the operational activities of the FP&A’s role often consumes their day job—which should be supporting the strategic objectives of the business by providing insights.

By leveraging intelligence in FP&A solutions we get “Intelligent FP&A,” which aims to optimize the process of annual planning, monthly reporting, and quarterly forecasting with technology that unifies financial results with operational activities.

An Intelligent FP&A solution such as SAP Analytics Cloud enables FP&A to drive better business decisions by using these intelligent capabilities.

Benefits of Intelligent FP&A

In SAP Analytics Cloud, smart capabilities that leverage machine learning does the work for you. Often a problem that FP&A professionals have is that they lack time on their hands. They’re consumed by the operational task of their role and often forget about the big picture. Instead of spending countless hours on creating dashboards and preparing your financials, you now have time to do what matters—extract insights, optimize, and drive results. The two smart/intelligent capabilities that SAP Analytics Cloud offers for FP&A are Smart Insight and Smart Discovery.

Smart Insight and Smart Discovery are two sets of advanced analytic capabilities of SAP Analytics Cloud, powered by SAP Cloud Platform predictive services.

Smart Insights

Smart Insight is designed to uncover top contributors of a selected value or variance.  Its insights are accessed by clicking an object on a chart to display the quick action menu and selecting the lightbulb. Imagine being able to create a graph that has the insights already built-in.

Instead of having to spend time interpreting results, SAP Analytics Cloud uncovers top contributors without the help of a data scientist. Not to mention that the trend analysis provided is typically more accurate than human calculation.

Smart Discovery

Smart Discovery identifies the key influencers of a selected measure/KPI.  Its insights are surfaced by going into the data view, selecting the appropriate data model and selecting “New Smart Discovery.” This smart capability uses the identified key influencers to create beautiful dashboards of your data with a click of a button. Say goodbye to spending hours creating individual graphs of your data that often provide no insights. Say hello to a visually appealing report that has insights on the KPIs that matter to you.

Both of these capabilities focus on correcting the key problem that FP&A professionals— lack of time. There is now an Intelligent FP&A solution that does it all.

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