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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
With growing data and constant market changes, getting real-time access to business data and insights is critical to thriving in any industry. For over twenty-five years, SAP and Intel have used their collective expertise to co-engineer solutions that enhance business continuity with real-time analytics and breakthrough performance.

A look into SAP HANA and Intel Optane Persistent Memory

SAP HANA was the first major database optimized for Intel® OptaneTM Persistent Memory (PMem). SAP HANA is a multi-model in-memory database that allows you to leverage data to shape business outcomes and leverage live intelligence. Intel Optane Persistent Memory is non-volatile and offers the best qualities of both DRAM and Flash storage; it allows your data to persist in memory, improving business continuity and restart times. By combining both technologies, you get superior value at a lower TCO; here is why:

  1. Business Continuity

SAP HANA and Intel Optane Persistent Memory can improve your business continuity and availability with dramatically faster restarts. With Intel Optane Persistent Memory, you get dramatically faster data loads at start-up as your storage is non-volatile and no longer needs to be loaded from disk to memory. With faster restarts, your IT team can apply bug fixes with less interruption, and your end users can quickly return to operation after maintenance.

  1. Faster Insights

Intel Optane Persistent Memory allows SAP HANA to process and store higher volumes of data quickly. Intel Optane Persistent Memory has higher capacities than DRAM, offering more memory density and a higher total memory per CPU so you can load years’ worth of data into memory for analysis. You can achieve real-time analysis at the source without making multiple copies of your data. You can even accelerate your machine learning and artificial intelligence workloads.

  1. Flexible and Reliable Deployment Options

Together, SAP and Intel solutions can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments to keep up with the pace and needs of your business. There are multiple options for scale-up and scale-out deployments in the cloud; you can expand and contract your resources to accommodate your organization’s needs. You can also avoid long procurement lead times and create new instances at the speed of the business.

  1. Simplified Administration and Savings

Lastly, you can simplify administration and improve system consolidation with SAP HANA and Intel Optane Persistent Memory. You can process larger instance sizes and get seamless optimization across the memory tiers. Moreover, you can consolidate to fewer servers and lower licensing, hardware, and administration costs to simplify your SAP HANA landscape, reduce your total cost of ownership, and achieve a high return on investment.

This all sounds great but what does it practically mean for our customers?   I had the pleasure to meet with Canadian Pacific Railway about their use of SAP HANA with Intel Optane Persistent Memory.   Combing SAP HANA's in-memory compression with intel Optane Persistent Memory they were able to realize significant cost savings to the tune of a 20% reduction in storage cost/byte compared to their former DBMS solution.  This enabled them to further consolidate systems simplifying their IT landscape.   The improvements in business continuity delivered more stable solutions to the business which is critical in ensuring timely delivery of goods by rail and enabled IT to deliver more value to the business over time.  You can hear more about this great story in a podcast I hosted with Shawn Taylor, the senior basis manager at the time of the SAP HANA implementation, or read more about it in our business transformation study.

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With SAP HANA and Intel Optane Persistent Memory, your company gets a powerful processing and storage solution to collect and harness data to make insightful decisions to meet business objectives and adapt to changing market conditions. Learn more about how SAP and Intel solutions can help you fuel your intelligent enterprise:
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