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On the eve of teched 2022 I wanted to quickly share an 8 minute video I recently recorded with 7a519509aed84a2c9e6f627841825b5a.

Morten is a member of the SAP Mentors program (part of SAP Community Influencer program) where we regularly seek their expertise and post associated spotlight interviews on YouTube.

In our short discussion we talk about Morten’s expertise in the area of PI/PO migrations to SAP Integration Suite. In our chat we discuss how to get started with SAP Integration Suite, some best practices for engaging in a SAP Integration Suite migration effort and jointly discuss some of the financial and non-financial benefits of SAP Integration Suite over legacy PI/PO.

In the video Morten outlines some of the resources he finds useful in terms of educating PI/PO teams on SAP Integration Suite. Not only do PI/PO teams get the opportunity to leverage new tools and capabilities, they also get to enjoy the benefit of bringing their existing skills to bear. PI/PO users will be pleased to hear Morten outline how according to a recent Forrester study on PI/PO migrations to SAP Integration Suite (paper sponsored by SAP) developer happiness and job satisfaction typically go up with SAP Integration Suite.

During the interview Morten discusses how SAP Integration Suite provides PI/PO users with more freedom and less constraint than they are typically used to. Since SAP Integration Suite is a cloud solution, PI/PO users will also enjoy the fact that they will benefit from being on the latest version of SAP Integration Suite which means they don’t have to wait long for the latest capabilities and innovations to be made available to them.

So click here to learn more from Morten Wittrock about why now is the time to start your journey with SAP Integration Suite. I hope you enjoy our chat!
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