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SAP BTP includes free tier services for you to start working with SAP BTP with a direct path to productive use. This provides you the opportunity to experience all services on BTP on a productive landscape without any upfront investment

SAP Integration Suite is now offered as a free tier service in CPEA/PAYG/PAYG-TDD commercial models All existing as well new customers with CPEA/PAYG/PAYG-TDD contracts can start consuming this offering in their SAP BTP Accounts. Refer documentation for the scope of the Integration Suite free-tier offering.

    An Integration Suite free tier tenant is a tenant that offers all capabilities of Integration Suite service with an option to seamlessly upgrade to paid service plan.

This blog summarizes the highlights of the free tier offering of SAP Integration Suite.

We start the blog with the steps required to provision an integration suite free-tier tenant followed by the seamless upgradation process to a paid service plan.

Key Highlights of free tier service option for SAP Integration Suite

  • Entitlement for one free Integration Suite tenant per CPEA/PAYG/PAYG-TDD Global Account with standard edition functionality.

    • The max. usage time per tenant instance is 90 days.

    • After 90 days, free tenant instances are decommissioned (if not migrated to chargeable service plan in time).

    • Customer may use the free quota multiple times in the same Global Account, however only 1 tenant at the time may be activated within one Global Account.

  • SAP-SAP standard messages are free

  • 10K other messages / month are free

Provisioning a free tier Integration Suite Tenant

Provisioning of a free tier Integration Suite tenant involves the below mentioned steps:

S.No Activity Persona
1 Verify the Entitlements Global Account Admin
2 Create Subaccount
3 Assign free entitlement to the Subaccount
4 Subscribe to Integration Suite

Subaccount Admin

/ Tenant Admin
5 Assign Integration_Provisioner Role to access application
6 Provision a tenant
7 Configure User Access for each Capability

1. Verify the free entitlements:

In your CPEA/PAYG BTP Global Account, once you navigate to Account > Entitlements > Service Assignments you would see the Integration Suite free entitlements along with the paid service plan enterprise_agreement as shown below:


2. Create a Subaccount ( Optional 😞

You need to create a Subaccount on Cloud Foundry hyper scaler of your choice by navigating to Account Explorer > Create > Subaccount as shown below:

3. Assign free entitlements to the Subaccount:

You can assign the free plan of Integration Suite by navigating to Entitlements > Entity Assignments > Configure Entitlements.

Assign the free service plan entitlements to the Subaccount as shown below:

Step 1: Entitlements - Entity Assignments - Subaccount - Go


Step 2: Configure Entitlements


Step 3: Add Service Plans


Step 4: Add Service Plan

Step 5: Save

4. Subscribe to Integration Suite:

Once the Quota is assigned, you can Subscribe to Integration Suite application by navigating to Service Market Place > Integration Suite > Create as shown below:

Step 1: Service Marketplace - Integration Suite - Create

                                         Step 2: free - Create

Once the Subscription is created, you can view the Subscription the Subscription under Subaccount > Services > Instances and Subscriptions

5. Assign Integration_Provisioner Role to access application

Assign Integration_Provisioner role to the user to access the application by navigating to Security > Users > <user> > Assign Role Collection


6. Provision tenant

Navigate to Application by clicking on Subaccount > Instances and Subscriptions > Go To Application

  In the SAP Integration Suite Launchpad application Click on Add Capabilities to Activate capabilities:


Select the required capabilities in the next screen and click on Activate button in the Summary screen:

Once all capabilities are activated, you would see the screen as shown below. You can navigate back to Integration Suite Launchpad by clicking on the Integration Suite as shown below:

7. Configure User Access for each Capability

You can assign necessary roles for each user accessing different capability by navigating to Subaccount > Users > Assign Role Collection as shown below:

Congratulations !!! You can continue to use the free integration suite tenant.


8. Accessing Runtime

In order to access the deployed integration flow endpoints, you are required to create the service instances/keys of Process Integration Runtime. You can follow the steps mentioned in the blog

NOTE: You will not be charged for the usage of Process Integration Runtime service instances/keys.

Free Tenant Validity and Upgrading to Paid Service Plan

Integration Suite tenant that has been provisioned with free service plan will get decommissioned automatically on 91st day and this information is displayed in the application as shown below:

Seamless Upgrade to Paid Service Plan:

The below mentioned steps needs to be executed for upgrading to the paid service plan

S.No Activity Persona
1 Assign Paid Service Plan to Subaccount Global Account Admin
2 Update the Service plan from free -> paid

Subaccount Admin

/ Tenant Admin

1. Assign Paid Service Plan Quota to the Subaccount

Global Account Admin needs to assign the paid service plan ( i.e, enterprise_agreement ) to the subaccount where the free tenant is already provisioned.

NOTE: The free tier tenant is created can only be of type Non-Production.

Follow the below steps to assign paid service plan quota to the Subaccount:

Subaccount > Entitlements > Entity Assignments > Select Subaccount > Configure Entitlements

Subaccount > Entitlements > Entity Assignments > Select Subaccount > Add Service Plans and Save the service plan changes as shown below

2. Upgrade to Paid Service Plan

Navigate to Subaccount > Instances and Subscriptions > Integration Suite Subscription > Update

Congratulations on successfully updating the tenant to a paid usage. As soon as the upgrade is successful, you can also notice the expiry icon would disappear.

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog. See you all with another interesting blog.


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