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This blog is a continuation of the blog Integration Suite – Simplified Onboarding and Provisioning  . Here I would explain the steps to be performed to access the deployed endpoint of a Cloud Integration integration flow.



  • Global Account Admin should have already assigned the required quota for Process Integration Runtime service on your subaccount as shown below:

Process Integration Runtime - Entitlement Assignment


  • Integration Developer should have already deployed an integration flow that should be exposing an endpoint to accept inbound messages into the Cloud Integration tenant.


  • Cloud Foundry has been enabled on the Subaccount as shown below:


Incase if you would like to know additional details on the above prerequisites refer the main blog


Step 1: Create Process Integration Runtime Service Instance and Keys:

Create Space:

Navigate to Subaccount Overview and Create Space as shown below:

Create Space


Navigate to the already created space and choose Process Integration Runtime as shown below:

Space - Process Integration Runtime


Create Instance:

Choose integration-flow Plan on the Process Integration Runtime & click on Create ( with default values) as shown below:

Create Instance

Create Key

Navigate to Instances > instance > Service Keys , Choose Create for creating Key as shown below:

Create Key


Step 2: Access Cloud Integration Integration Flow Endpoint using the Credentials of the Created key:

Copy the client id and client secret from the above created key as shown below:

Copy Client Id and Client Secret

Post a message to the deployed integration flow endpoint as shown below using the clientid as user name and clientsecret as password.

NOTE : Incase you want to get started on creating your first integration flow start here:


Post Message


That's all. That concludes the blog on accessing the cloud integration runtime on an Integration Suite tenant.

Refer the blog Cloud Integration on CF – How to Setup Secure HTTP Inbound Connection with Client Certificates

for accessing an endpoint with client certificates.


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